When Blocked Bidders Send Messages?


May 15, 2012
I'm sure everyone here is going to advise me to IGNORE when blocked bidders send messages asking WHY they've been blocked from buying. I agree completely with this! Just IGNORE.

I decided to go ahead and relist the purse that my demanding potential buyer was so obsessed with. I didn't want to be bullied off of selling on eBay!

Sure enough, mere hours after I'd relisted that purse, I got a message from the blocked buyer. The message was NOT nasty, at least. I think she's trying to be nice because she's hoping I'll change my mind about her.

The demanding buyer asked WHY I was blocking her? She basically said that if I don't want to sell the purse to her it's fine, but she thinks it's very odd.

Hopefully she'll drop this. What I find odd is the fact that she must be checking the listings every few hours for that purse! I don't understand someone getting so obsessed with one item---there are so many other sellers and items out there.

Okay, so just IGNORE. That's what eBay has come to, I guess. I think that MOST sellers would want to avoid an obsessive buyer. If she's that picky about price, shipping, etc., she may well be extremely picky about item condition or even something that's out of my control.

I know---IGNORE the messages. And if at any point the messages get nasty, report them to eBay. Thanks for the good advice.


Apr 28, 2011
That feature only works if the bidder hasn't already messaged the seller before she was added to the blocked list. Otherwise, even after she's been blocked, she can still reply to the existing message and keep messaging the seller that way.

That's how it's been in my experience, anyway.


Nov 12, 2006
The land of Oz
Just ignore, I did with one of my blocked buyers, she contacted me as she had previously contacted me about the same bag. She said I am trying to buy your bag but it won't let me, I didn't recall her user name and said to her call ebay as I am not sure why. She contacted me again and said that ebay told her she was blocked, I looked up my blocked list and I had put her there as she had tried to low ball me and tell me my bag was not worth the price, blah blah so I never replied back to her.
So they can contact you after they have already made contact. S best to just ignore.