When being stubborn gets the best of you...


Nov 1, 2005
I'm in a lot of pain right now, and needed to vent...

Last week, I moved a desk from one end of my office to the other. A couple guys in the office offered to help, but I refused because people assume that because I am "small", I am not strong enough. And now, I completely wish that I was more humble and accepted help. When I woke up yesterday, my back ached a lot - to the point where I couldn't move. I basically laid in bed all day yesterday (had my boyfriend prop the computer so that I could post on the forum ;) ). I couldn't miss work today because of our yearly financial audit, so I am now wearing a back brace today. I should have admitted defeat to begin with.
I am sorry to hear SuLi; I can relate - when we get a large shipment of exhausts or coil-springs in I know that I should let the guys carry them off the pallets; but, I usually wind up doing it - I always pay for it later.

Perhaps you should schedule a massage; it always seems to work for me.

Ultimately, feel better. :worried:
i know the feeling, i sell appliances and occasionally have to get a washer down out of top stock (the shelves above the displays) or something. when i first got the job, there was only one other girl in the department and i wanted to prove i could be a team player and do my job just like anyone else, so i tried moving everything myself when i had a customer that needed something.

after much soreness and regret, whenever anything has to go up or down out of top stock now, i call back to the warehouse and have an inventory guy do it if there's not a guy working with me in the department. all i have to do is ask nicely and smile pretty when they come out to do it for me :biggrin:.

just remember, you've got nothing to prove! it's not worth hurting yourself. hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for all the well-wishes. I hadn't even thought about getting a message...maybe I need to call Red Door to schedule something - that's if I get out of work on time. :sad:
Absolutely get a massage, and ice packs help when your muscles are in spasm. The colder and the longer you can stand it, the better. Also drink lots of water, it will help flush out the acids that build up and make muscles sore.