When Bal addicts love the same bag...... How does this story end? Reveal!

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  1. Once upon a time.....
  2. Ooh..!
  3. .... there were two ladies in London who loved handbags, and in particular Balenciagas...
  4. They discuss bags and esp Bals for hours on end.
    One day, there was a bag that caught the eye of both these bag nutters
  5. [emoji897][emoji897][emoji897][emoji6]
  6. That bag was a rare beauty, in the UK there were only two, not even three!
  7. Double Ooh...!
  8. Luckiky for the ladies there were 2 as if it was only 1, there would certainly have been a flight.
    So the ladies waited and waited to receive news of the appearance of the bag they lost sleep about ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465736922.113540.jpg
  9. They went to Harrods and looked through the sales,
    Balenciagas were lovely, one liked the blue, the other the UV.
    Then one day one got a call: "your bag's here, shall I put it on hold?
    I have two and one's for you!"
  10. Eep! I think I know what's coming up!
  11. One lady already bought the New burgundy croc printed City but was there room for more?
    Indeed. The call came..... And off she went the next day to Harrods
  12. Love it! Lol!
  13. The other followed in a few hours,
    The bag was fabulous and now the only one in Harrods!
    The SA said "your friend came this morning and got the other one"
    So she tried it on and couldn't put it down.
    Far Eastern tourists stealed some glances.
    She had to move fast and resist their advances.
    The SA said -" make your decision, it's a beauty to behold"
    She did not hesitate and declared "it's sold!"
  14. When they revealed this bag to the lady, she needed smelling salts as she fainted on the spot.
    Grubby hands from other greedy customers started to get near to this lovely bag but luckily the lady woke up on time and with a cold hard glance she scared the tourists away

    Now. You all want know or some of you might now which bag(s) these obsessed ladies took home

    Over to HarperQuinn
  15. I know! I know!!!
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