When are you too young for an epi speedy?

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  1. I'm a 20 year old, young-looking college student, and I really love the LV epi speedy 25 in mocha or black:


    My only problem is that I'm afraid I will look silly carrying it around. I wear mostly jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and sweaters, and normally carry shoulder bags/hobo bags/tote bags. I know the epi speedy is SO classic and would literally last me forever, but I don't want to drop $820 if I can't wear it NOW. What do you think? Can someone who dresses like me and lives in a college-student world carry an epi speedy 25? Should I get it or get a nice, younger shoulder bag and wait?

  2. I don't think that there's really a set age, certainly if you're looking at a more conservative colour (such as mocha or black), it would be better suited in a business environment, but there's nothing wrong with carrying a nice, single toned bag with just about any outfit ! :smile:
  3. definitely not too young.. especially if u get a black one
  4. I agree never too young!
  5. well i'm a 20-year-old college student living in The College Town to End All College Towns, and i can say that i would carry that bag proudly. actually, it would be a great bag, people are highly preppy here and it would look great with a jean skirt and a button-down or something, which is basically the uniform around here. if you love it, go for it, you'll use it for decades!
  6. Another person agreeing...you're never too young, especially if you love it! Let us know what you decide to do...
  7. You can carry whatever makes you happy, but I think that it looks like an older person's bag.
  8. You are never too young to carry a classic.
  9. I don't think it matters how old you are, but I do think its a dressy bag. I wouldn't carry that while wearing jeans and sneakers. But it would look nice w/black dress pants and heels for a job.
  10. I say get it. Get what you love, you'll enjoy it for years!
  11. I agree with speedsteph. If you plan on only wearing very casual clothes even 80% of the time, perhaps you should wait. However, if you plan on working (let's say at an internship) it never hurts to dressed a little beyond your age (or rank within the organization). In that case, the epi speedy in black would be perfect.
  12. Girl...Pishhh get wat u want who cares what other people think ur carrying all you have to say is..YOUR just mad u cant afford it lmao ahahaha but get it I like it!:biggrin:
  13. Your opinion is the only one that ultimately counts. If you love it ( I do!), then get it! If you think it's too mature looking, then why not go for the epi 25 in mandarin or red? Those are funky colors but w/ that structured bag, you can't miss. If you really want mocha or black, it would still look great no matter what! It's how you carry yourself and your own self-perception that will exude from your own being and make you shine, not any purse can do that! Wow.....sorry for blabbering...:shame: .
  14. The Black or mocha do look a little more serious. Whereas the other colours blue, mandarin and red look much more fun especially in 25. That's the fun part of this bag, it has a totally different look with another colour. I say blue or mandarin suit your style and they can still look go when you are 40 wearing mature outfits.
  15. If you can rock the bag then rock it! Who cares about what others think. Most of the time, they are overly jealous deep inside anyway. :lol: Plus that bag will last you a lifetime.