When are THEY raising prices?

  1. I apologize if there is already a thread... Just haven't seen it. Planning for the next bag. Am I okay to save or is the increase happening in the next week or two? Its the Bolide I am considering... Any idea of how much it may increase? Thanks ladies.
  2. My SA told me 2/1
  3. Ooo I was afraid of that. That gives me what 7 days...
  4. You better hurry and grab that Bolide! ;)
  5. Plus depending on where you are, some places have already increased their prices. So if your store is still offering the bolide at the before-price right now, quick grab it!
  6. I agree with Pelinaka. I spoke with my SAs from both the West and East Coast and they all said Feb 1st. However, the one on the West Coast told me that the price increase has already occurred in Asia.
  7. Feb 1st.
  8. In Paris the price increase has already taken effect.
  9. Gina, do you know how much they're increasing it by? And is it the same percentage everywhere or is it dependent on location? TIA.
  10. Feb 1st, but the SA stated they did not know how much they would go up.
  11. For small items, like a pocket square, the increase was over 15%!
  12. OVER 15%?!!!!:wtf: Crap, I better buy my pocket squares NOW.
  13. It used to be HKD950 and its now HKD1100!
  14. Yikes, it's a tad more expensive in HK ... Over here it's USD 100.
  15. lol - this has been my excuse for my recent mini-shopping spree... DH still not buying it... haha