When are they coming out? Jaune and violet...

  1. I am so slow on informations...

    the yellow(jaune) and violet are so pretty...when are they coming out?

    Wish i have enuff time to save up...
  2. errr i'm not 100% sure, but i think i read in a thread that they are coming out september/ oct.

    also think i read that balNY starts signing up people's names in june/july

    i could be totally wrong, though lol, but i think that's what i remember reading :smile:
  3. I heard they are coming out in Sept...and BalNY told a tPFer that they are taking preorders for F/W 07 colors starting July. Hope this helps!

    At least 5 months or so to save up!!! :yes:
  4. woot!

    if I save $239/month until september I'll have enought for a bag. :roflmfao:
    This way I can still shop like crazy.:graucho:
  5. Also, it's been told that jaune and violet are only going to be available in new styles they are introducing - not our tried and true favorites. Hopefully, that will not be the case, but it is something to keep in mind.
  6. :cursing: lovely! So they can force us to buy possibly ugly bags that we don't like to get the color. I don't like those games Balenciaga.:sad: I guess they don't care how many bags they sell because I'm not buying the Step. It's weirdly proportioned and I don't like it.
  7. I totally agree, I dont think ive ever seen anything so weirdly proportioned either, I for one will not buy it just to get the colour!
  8. obviously i feel the same way. if i don't like the bag style forget it! i'll live without it then!
  9. I am hoping the violet will come in the giant hobo with silver hardware. I am not a fan of the step and I wouldn't pay that much money for a bag that I wouldn't use. I am hoping I at least like one of the new styles or they at least let these colors be made in the most popular old styles. Does anyone know when the fashion show to debute the new styles will be?
  10. Hope the Violet comes in a first or twiggy!
  11. all these posts on these new colors are making me want the jaune. but i'd only want it in a first, unless their new styles are sexy.
  12. They've gotta come out in the usual styles, right? I read on another thread that it will come in the Makeup, and that's an old style. I wonder if they keep track of color popularity? I read in W magazine that Balenciaga has a team specially devoted to coming up w/ the colors that the motorcycle bags comes in each season, so it seems like a possibility. *hoping against hope*
  13. I think I am one of the few who likes the new step (only in the violet color) based on the picture but I definitely want to see it IRL first before making a decision or putting myself on the waiting list...
  14. hopefully "new styles" include the flat messenger, since Bal Ny actually didnt get any of those in this season, and id love a jaune flat messenger.

    if not, maybe other stores will get the older styles in the new colors, like how LVR had couriers in some of the spring seasonal colors.
  15. Wha? I spoke to Kim at BalNY yesterday and told her that I would love to get a yellow Day this fall, but she never mentioned that it would not be available in this style. I just can't imagine that violet and yellow would only be available in the new styles - that doesn't make sense to me. :shrugs: