when are these coming out?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]and these?

    I would like to use my PCE card to purchase them.
  3. I think Candace3mari3 just ordered the sandals.
  4. THE SCARF IS AVAILABLE FOR ORDER NOW!!! :yahoo: My SA just added it to my list the other day. The style number is 98339.
  5. Ok can you order the items still get the PCE discount?
  6. I LOVE that scarf! :drool: :drool: :drool:

  7. Yes, you can. I just added it to my presale items for the March PCE. I believe the only thing excluded from the event is the Francine bag or the Kiki. I forgot what my SA said, but it's one of those bags. Everything else, jewelry and all, is included.
  8. ok the PCE card that I got in the mail starts Feb. 16.
    How does it work? Do you call up the store and tell them you have a coupon and you want to buy the items presale? and will they send them to your house? or do you have to pick them up at the store? I am confused... SORRY!
  9. also whats the style # on the sandals?
  10. Q316, and they're not pre-order, they're available to ship right now, I'll have mine tomorrow!!! They have them in white, and dark pink
  11. OMG- I must have those sandals!!!

    In the store they had the wedges, tennis shoes, and and flatter wedge, but no flip-flops. BUT I really doubt they would put those out in Feb in MI.

  12. No apologies necessary!! You know, it seems to vary with states and stores, and some SAs/stores are better than others. Before I stopped shopping in NJ, I had an SA that would let place a preorder, BUT..I had to have my card and come to the store to do it because they had to see the card. I switched to shopping elsewhere and now have a SA that contacts me and just places it on phone or email preorder (which does reserve it specially for you). She doesn't even take the credit card info till later. I just reserved stuff on Sunday for March 7 PCE.

    If you have a PCE card and can do it, I recommend you take it to the store when you can and ask...or call and ask. My guess is each store will vary based on what the other ladies have posted here and there. That way you will know. They will ship to your house if it's not in stock (i.e. coming from JAX), or even ship to a closer store. Last Dec. I had mine shipped to a closer store because I was going to be away and didn't want it on my porch..or have to drive back to the far away store which is where I buy from now.

    I'm not sure about the style number for the shoes, but I thought I saw it posted the other day by someone. They can probably look that up for you if you call, though. Good luck!
  13. lol..... order them!!! they're only $78!!!!!!

  14. I should also state that the preorder or presale that I mean is just reserving it for me for the event. That means they put it aside for you, and nobody else can buy it..so it's guaranteed. If you have a bag you think they may sell out of, I would try to do a presale. Because I probably won't get an outlet shoppers invite (at least I have not so far, and neither has DH), I went ahead and reserved my lily and Bridgit now because I am afraid they will sell out. YOu can always cancel a presale item too, at least until the day before when they charge your card. I was told I will be called for the card number as the event draws closer, and it will be charged early morning on Mar. 6. After that, it would be a "return" if you change your mind.

    Hope this made some sense!! Sorry if the original post was confusing!!

  15. ohhhhhhhhh I get it, I thought you were saying you can pay for it now, and they'll send it out once they bring those items to the store..

    I misunderstood you!