When are the SoCal TPFers going to reconvene?

  1. I know our last meeting got botched - so how do you ladies feel about getting together again at SCP this year? I've got to go finish my laundry now so please discuss....
  2. Ooh I'm such a socal girl but stuck up at norcal! I wanna meet bagnshoo and the rest of you socal pf'ers! Hope this goes well.
  3. Please keep me in the loop, I'd love to join you all.
  4. Count me in!
  5. COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooo upset that I coulndt attend last time!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!! lets get together!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. I want it!!! But I'll be in Australia until the 28th....
  7. Yes bagnshoo! i am sooo in!! SCP sounds really great!! My schedule is pretty much open.
  8. Sounds great! Keep me on the list!!
  9. so how is February looking for everyone?
  10. fine with me
  11. Boo. I'm busy with school until late May. Oh well...I want a full report, if the meet takes place! :graucho:
  12. I think I would be a little too shy to meet. lol
  13. i'm in! saturdays are best for me (i get tues/sats free).
  14. Hi Ladies,
    Hopefully we can have a Los Angeles Meeting! The last one did not go so well! So hopefully we can arrange it this time! lol! :p :p

    What: The Los Angeles Purse Forum Meeting!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    When:: Need to see what you guys think! lol! Hopefully before the Feb 5th!
    Where: I was thinking either The Beverly Center, Rodeo Drive, or some restaurant! Let me know.

    I need help planning! So pm or write here! Let's make this really special ladies!!!!!! I want to meet all of you! I bet it will be sooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ill sticky this for ya!