When are spring/summer bags going to show up?

  1. I'm sure we won't get much that's really new here in Canada (or not already available in the classic styles and colours) but does anyone know when these bags will start showing up in store? I've seen some of the resort stuff (when in the US a couple of weeks ago) but even the BV web site is focusing still on resort...

    Thanks all!
  2. My SA said mid to end of Feb, but I've seen a couple of pieces in Harrods already. A white deerkskin large shopping tote with intreccatio swirls and a pale green roma.
  3. They have a couple at Harvey Nics in Manchester. I managed to get the tote (also on Net a Porter) in ecru before xmas. They had a few more white ones in last week too.
    bv edit 3.JPG
  4. Poshhoney, lovely tote! Thanks for sharing the pic! I suspect I'm going to have to live vicariously through TPF pictures because we always get such a lousy selection here!!! (Who do we Canadians have to lobby to get BV to open a store in this country???)
  5. I will have another look what is in this week and report back properly!
  6. Thanks - it will be nice to see some summer goodies with winter still dragging on!
  7. I second that! And if it is something about Canada that is the problem (but what... people like Canadians because we are "nice"...) I would also accept a BV boutique in Seattle instead (and I'm sure jburgh and Jane and others wouldn't mind that a bit), and perhaps Buffalo (or ?) for mistikat?
  8. I have a trip to London scheduled next week - I wonder if any of the new bags will be in store by then......:graucho:
  9. ^ Balchlfen where have you been??? Please post in the "BV Lovers the world over" thread, I'm all on my lonesome in the UK, lol!
  10. The only trip to the US I have planned is Rhode Island in April. No chance to get to Boston (we're driving from Toronto) and I doubt there's a BV in RI?
  11. the stores in singapore is starting to bring in some pieces. the mini that i got is from the s/s collection. so the pieces are definitely trickling in...

    cant wait for more!!
  12. My timing is good - the spring summer catalogue is up now on the BV website.... Off to go check it out and drool...
  13. oooo, mistikat, thanks for the info!!
  14. Bookermoose....I might die of happiness if they put a BV in Buffalo...but I honestly don't think this is a great market for BV. Toronto would have a better chance I think....I would lobby on their behalf....canadians need a BV!!!
  15. Hmmmm.... will check out tomorrow when I drop by paragon with my DW!