When are new fall colors released?

  1. Tried a search with no luck...so I thought I would go to the experts. When does Chanel come out with their new fall colors? I am particularly hoping they repeat the chocolate brown in the GST. When should I start looking and perhaps put my name on a waiting list? Thanks in advance.
  2. My SA here in Europe said they're expecting stock in July(ish). They're getting the Reissue in Chocolate! Yummmm :drool:
  3. Hey cal, do you know what other colours the Reissue with come out in in fall? I'm making a trip to Paris late July and it would be helpful to know! Thanks!
  4. I'm also going to Paris in late July.
    See you at the Rue Cambon ;)
  5. That sounds about right. However, it seems that they are running late on their spring shipments. Call and ask your boutique, or department store when their fall trunk shows will be.
  6. I only know of Chocolate and Grey - the pics suggest that there will be two different chains (one with leather threaded through and one without). The pics were quite small and my SA and I were squinting trying to figure it out.