When Another Seller Lifts Your Listing Text

  1. Hi all:

    Has this happened to you?

    I saw today that another seller not only lifted part of my text for a listing of the same bag I am selling, but actually copied about 95% of the language including the standard paragraphs I use in ALL of my listings for different items regarding payment, shipping, etc. All they did was change some font colors and add a couple of sentences about where the item came from. Everything else is mine down to format, phrases, and smiley faces!

    I sent a message to this seller and asked that they remove what they copied (essentially everything) or that I would report it as it violates eBay's policies. I know that you can report this but I haven't done so yet as the seller has 0 feedback and is new. While I'm trying to be diplomatic and give them the benefit of the doubt, the other half of my brain is really p.o.'d that someone would do that and want to report them without waiting for a response - hey, take the time to write your own listing!!

    I've only had this happen one other time and the seller only lifted a small amount of mine. She apologized profusely, admitted she was being lazy, and changed it.

    Am I over reacting? What would you do - what have you done in the past?

    Thanks, ladies!
  2. NO, you're not overreacting, and please waste no time in reporting it to eBay!! You remain anonymous when you report it, and that seller has no way of harming you or even knowing that you've reported her. If you wait, you're giving her time to scam someone, and who knows what she's up to if she's been this dishonest already!! Sometimes it takes eBay a couple days to remove a listing, and if you wait too long, it will be over and some poor buyer will be stuck with something fake (which I tend to think is likely when someone has to copy your entire listing), or the seller may not even have the item at all. Reporting it now protects everyone.

    This happened to me, and I sent the seller a nice message just like you did, and then I turned around and reported it anyway. If you click the "watch this item" button and make note of when it ends, you'll be able to tell when it's been pulled, because one day it will have just disappeared from your watched items. Then you'll know whether e-bay did its job. E-bay's policy is not to inform the person who reported about the outcome of its decision, so this little trick is the only way you'll know if its been done.

    When this happened to me, e-bay pulled the listing in about 2 days. The seller actually apologized and told some story about her friend using her account, but whatever, I got it ended!!
  3. Bellafleur: Thanks so much! I did in fact report it after I posted, thinking better safe than sorry (plus I was really ANNOYED). It's in my watch list waiting to see if they change it before it gets pulled, etc.

    How obnoxious!!!
  4. That sucks!

    No, you are not overreacting!

    Actually what I do (when I have sold) was I created all my text in Photoshop, watermarked it, saved it as a .jpg and used that image......instead of just typing it out there in the eBay auction!

    If you dont have photoshop, you can use Paint which I think comes with all computers!
  5. I would be ticked as well, those listing take time to write! Good for you in reporting her!
  6. I had a seller steal a picture of a Longaberger basket I was selling. I asked them about the beautiful color of the wall in the background, what color the paint was. They sent me some BS answer. I then told them it was my wall in my living room, my picture, and that I was reporting them for stealing. That bugs me!
  7. 86leo: Great suggestion! I think I'll try that with my next listing. Many thanks.

    LV Rawks: Thanks for the support. You aren't kidding either - I usually do my listings after work and it really bites into my 'relaxation time'.

    CherryFarmGirl: I cracked up at your story - how ridiculous that must have been having them bs you about the wall in your own home! What the heck is with people??

    So far the listing is still up, unchanged. Neither has the seller gotten back to me. Ah well. As bellafleur mentioned, it will probably take at least 24 hours for ebay to take down. Sheesh!
  8. Yeah, I would totally just report it and not even deal with trying to be nice, personally. It's not like the person who stole from you bothered to send you a quick message before they just decided to take your words!
  9. i know how you feel about this, its happening to me now, seller alliemaried, using my photo and most of the text of my listing that i have sold last 2 weeks ago. and i email her and still waiting for her reply. and at the same time report her. i'm soooo pissed that how can this people use somebody else photo/ text and why can they not make their own.

    i'm hoping that ebay will action on this.
    i feel so bad for this potential buyer thinking that they are getting exactly the conditon of the bag.
  10. Hi everybody:

    The offending listing was gone as of this morning! Thanks for all of your input and support. I can tell you in the future that I am not going to bother sending a nice message - I'll just report it.

    What a pain!
  11. ^^^ Good, I'm so glad!!! Every so often, ebay helps a seller out:smile: It's rare, but it does happen:smile:

  12. That is great!! LOL!!!
  13. I am glad everything worked out for you. This happened to me yesterday. I reported the seller and her auction was removed. I was so happy.
  14. Glad to hear it! While I skim other auctions to figure out what the model name is and when it was released, I can't even imagine copying someone's entire auction!
  15. I've had the same thing happen to me also. the first time I emailed the seller and received a rude response so I reported the listing and ebay removed it. From then on I just report the listing to ebay. Glad it worked out for you.