When and where do you carry YOUR Balenciaga?

  1. So as my bag collection in general is growing and since my recent violet step came I got thinking, I only carry my bags on the weekends!:wtf: I have a spy, a few Vuittons and my violet and cornflower bals.

    I am a full time student and carry just a plain leather bag to uni, which I dont have to worry about!
    But, i thought there is no point in having my gorgeous bags when I only use them for a few hours per week!

    I was wondering when you girls carry yours?! If you take them to work, uni etc do you get worried about damaging them?!

    Does anyone think I should carry my bags to uni?

  2. I carry my bags everyday - to work, etc. I alternate between my Anthracite City (on days where I am wearing brighter colors) and my Rouille Twiggy (on days where I am wearing mostly black or dark jeans, etc). Basically brighter colors with dark clothing and vice versa.

    I have to say that I am very careful (careful is a nice word) about my bags. I don't set them on the ground ever. I would place them in my lap before doing that. I never carry them in rain or if I get caught in the rain I completely cover them up. Basically I would let myself get wet before the bags would get wet! :upsidedown: I never carry pens in my bag - not like the ink stain would really show up... and they always go in the dustbag when not in use.
  3. I carry mine at the weekend only too since I am at college. A girl in my year carries a Mulberry Roxanne, but I would be too worried about ruining my bag to bring it to college!
  4. whenever I can! Shoot, wish I could wear more than one at times so I could use them ALL more often! lol

    Girl, you have a Violet and you're not using it everyday? Use that baby, you won't hurt her! LOL!
  5. I'm working, no longer in college now, but I also only use my bag on the weekends. I'm so worried about the leather getting ruined, scratched, wet, worn out, spilled on, etc etc that I can't bring myself to use it day to day. But it does seem like a waste- I wish it could be an everyday bag, but I'm just too nervous to do that yet. Maybe because it's still relatively new, and I only have one. I do use my money wallet everyday, and it's holding up nicely so far (no scratches yet- fingers crossed!) :amuse: On the other hand, I have no problems using my LV or koobas every day, but they're much more durable! Still, it's like a mini-celebration when I pull out my bbag, because it means the weekends here! :yahoo:
  6. I use one of my bal bags everyday depending on what I wear.

    If I were you, I'd only carry a black bal to uni. I trashed most of my bags in college (although that was a simpler time when all I wanted was Coach or Kate Spade:p).
  7. Every day, all the time! My Bbags go to school, to work, to movies, to appointments, for walks on the beach... One of them even gets to go to Disneyland next month!

    My bags get treated well - none of them show any wear, and I have enough that they get switched a lot and no one has to get overworked. ;) I didn't pay this much for bags to let them sit in my closet when it's rainy outside (my Anthracite Twiggy seems to always be the one to get caught in downpours and I swear the leather gets smooshier every time).
  8. I use my plomb Work mostly for work of coz, but i also alternate with my blue Men's Day depending on what i wear.
  9. I carry my b-bags everyday. They've kind of eclipsed all my other bags. (hehe). I've been using my Rouge Theatre city or Black city for work. On the weekends i'll use Rouge vif or my 2001 le dix.

    I just love my b-bags. :heart:
  10. I've been rotating my bags around... depending on my mood.. I currently downsized my collection to... 2 bBags and 2 Chanels in caviar. If I'm going to be out in the sun (outdoor shopping, walking) I don't use my bBags.. because I fear the fading part. But, for my upcoming vacation.. I'll be using my caviar Chanel hobo just because the caviar can take a little more abuse w/o having to stress out about the leather t:huh: much. But, it really depends on my mood. But lately.. I've been switching almost every couple of days to every week. ;)
  11. I only have 1 bag, my Rouge VIF (I had to sell all my other bags to afford it!) and she goes everywhere with me! To work, the store, wherever! I'm careful and she's still in new condition. What's the fun in having a nice bag if you don't wear it?? =(
  12. I use them every single day!!! I usually switch every week but since I got my violet I have been using her consistently.
  13. Bella: Lol, you make me laugh!! Its like im scared of carrying her for some reason?!

    So im in the minority! I dont understand it, maybe I have been treating my cornflower too harshly! The tassles have split and she definatley looks worn in now, im just so scared of ruining them!
    Its true though, there is no point in having gorgeous bags when they are just sitting in their dust bags lonely!

    I have been carrying my spy to uni, because the leather is much thicker, there is still NO wear what so ever on her and she has carryed everywhere! Problem is is that shes so damn heavy!!

    Im just worried at how delicate the leather is, that if i get her caught on a handle or something my bal will just tear!
  14. LuvaPug- I had this concern all the time until August when my MIL got REALLY, really sick. The realization hit me that I should use and enjoy all of my nice things while I can. My MIL has more diamonds, jewelry, fine china, etc.. etc... than Oprah (okay, not really more than Oprah, but you know I love to be over dramatic) and didn't get to enjoy her things, she was always afraid of damaging them.

    I use all of my fabulous things all the time now. Today for example, I wore my coveted black patent Manolo Mary Jane's and Violet city just to take Faith to preschool and go to Starbucks!!!

    Enjoy it while you've got it!:drinkup:
  15. I am a university student and I carry a bbag probably 5 days out of 7. I don't worry about wrecking them because while I love them, they are just *things*. I would rather enjoy them and have them wear a bit, as opposed to them just sitting unused. I also like the look of Bals as they wear because they just get softer!

    The only places I don't carry them are nightclubs because I feel like I would be ASKING for someone to spill a drink on the bags, or scratch them badly.