When an iconic company branches out ~PICS~

  1. So my son wanted a nice keychain, he has been doing so well at college, so when he was here last week, I told him let's look at tiffany, I know they have a golf one, I thought he would like....he didn't find one...but I found something...they are now doing 'twillys'. Here is the classic blue one I got, but I also got it in black. While ringing us up the SA commnted on our Vuitton bags and said, did you tiffanys is launching a bad collection soon??? :nuts:

  2. Twinkle its lovely..
  3. LOL...typo's...that last line is suppose to be Tiffanys is launching a bag collection....not bad.
  4. LOVE it!:love: Congrats, Twinkle.Tink!:yes:
  5. SO cute! i love it!
  6. I love it! I've been having a tough time deciding between that one and the black one!
  7. You mean this one :graucho:

  8. Love it...the blue is such a pretty color!
    I think Tiffanys does prescription eyewear also...diversification is always good.
  9. Someone mentioned they were going to start sunglasses too.
  10. Wow the blue one is really pretty!
  11. I LOVE it! It's SO pretty!
  12. OMG I need this!! LOL

    I am calling my store tomorrow to see if they have it in stock!!

    Thanks SO MUCH for posting!! :smile:
  13. Tiffany Had Pochettes (Pocket Squares) ~ I Belive Early 2005 (Pretty Hearts)...I Thought What Great Valentine's Gifts!!! .....:heart: :heart: :heart: These Two Twillys ***Must Haves***

    & I Definitely Look Forward To More Branching Out!!!
  14. What kind of bags do you think they will design, and when do you think they will be out?!
  15. wow, that's super cute ... I absolutely love it :drool: