When an auction listing is reported

  1. and you check the box to have a copy sent to your email, what do you receive?

    I hardly ever report anything, but there was something so blatant, I decided to do so. So, I checked the box. In my email, I received a blank message. Nothing in it at all; no item number, no reason for the report, nothing. Is that normal? If so, what is the point?
  2. There have been some glitches in the last week concerning the reporting of various issues on the report forms. eBay has been very forthcoming about those glitches and are working on trying to resolve them, from the last I read. (I also got an email about this yesterday).

    If you need an email addy to use to notify eBay that there is a tech problem that needs support involving the reporting function, let me know via PM. I can give you a referral to the person that has been working with our account on the glitches.
  3. Thank you!
  4. Okey dokey, artichokey! Sent you the contact info, I do hope that helps you.