When a sporran is better than a Birkin!

  1. I'm new to the site (having just bought my first Hermes scarf at the weekend and doing a websearch of related sites - as you do). :yes:

    Anyway, saw this report which made me smile (being Scottish!):yahoo:


    In which Jane Birken has been quoted as swapping her Birkin bag for a cheap sporran bought in Edinburgh as the Birken was giving her RSI!!

    So, that badger handbag my other half has to go with his kilt may be the next iconic fashion item to grace the catwalks!
  2. That's too funny! I bought a sporran for my teen the last time I was in Edinburgh, she loves it.
  3. My 14 year old DDs sporran:

  4. I love the birkin, but I have always said it is not the perfect bag! LOL.

    Can't really say if the sporran is...LOL...who knows?

    At least Jane Birkin carried her bag for ages...maybe she just needed a change.
  5. That's hysterical!

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. What a hoot! Wait til my relatives in Edinburgh read this!

    Thanks for the link.
  7. Wonder if we'll see Hermes do a similar range, after all a lot of their cashmere seems to come from Scotland so why not one of their bags! I'm not into the whole "shortbread and tartan" look but some of the sporrans are really nice (and why should men be the only ones to wear them LOL!).
  8. My DDs high school friends love hers. As a substitute for a Birkin... no way!! Where is Scotland are you from Alidolll? My DH was born in Paisley.
  9. Too funny. Maybe she overstuffs her bags!
  10. LOL that's funny, must buy a Sporran LOL
  11. Yes Sporran are really very interesting and artistic. It seems to be quite a serious matter for the kilted--there are everyday, semi-dress, full dress, hunting, and piper's ones. There are collectors of antique sporran.

    Some have actual animal heads. Taxidermed.

    Here's an interesting one

  12. ^^^^ Yikes!
  13. Rose - Originally from East Lothian but have moved over the Forth Bridge to a place called Dunfermline as the house prices were marginally cheaper!

    There's several places that do designer kilts (in leather etc) to go with the sporran.

    My hubby has a traditional tartan kilt and wore the full outfit to our wedding...he looked fantastic (he has the bum for it!) and yes, he was a true scotsman...nuff said!
  14. My dad went to the engineering college in Paisley!

    Scottish men... :drool:
  15. There are some seriously disturbing sporrans in that site:sad: . Thankfully most Scottish People wouldn't be seen dead wearing them..(we don't have possums in Scotland..or raccoon, or wolves, wolverines, lynx or bobcats so not a local making them!). Prefer the animal alive than hanging in front of the male :sweatdrop: