When a shoe reduces you to tears

  1. (almost)...

    ...it means you MUST have it, right? I'm trying to explain to my husband why even though I'm on a shoe ban, when you have a physical reaction you're allowed to make an exception :nuts:


    What was the latest shoe you fell in crazy-have-to-have-it-love with but are yet to get? :heart:
  2. Lol!!!
  3. i must must get these...ASAP :drool:

  4. These are so hot!

  5. oh gosh.. too bad i can't have any of these!

    Miu Miu

  6. Oh I soo get it! I need these CL Glitter shoes. I can't find them with the gold, only silver. So I am still on the hunt!
  7. These have brought tears to my eye b/c I can't seem to find them....definitely still trying...

  8. Hubba - I am pretty sure that I just saw that shoe in gold at Barneys. They also have them in the very prive pump.
  9. Sammydoll, I too love those Grey Dior pumps. Here's mine:


  10. ahhh if they are making you want to cry, you HAVE to have them for sure ;)

    explain it to him again how badly you need them, maybe at bed time, or bath time lol ;) - you may have better luck hee hee :biggrin:
  11. [​IMG]

    I only purchase on sale!
  12. lol agreed. suggesting a refreshing beer with dinner helps too :p
  13. Now I really am tears :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I just found out my shoe in my size is sold out company wise.

    It's a sad, sad day :sad:
  14. Ohh no! The green choos above?:sad:
  15. Don't tease an old gal! I will look this week for them. Thanks Kamilla!