when a seller is a jerk, why can't i let it go???

  1. so the seller who was a real jerk to me left me neg. feedback- no shock there. (he relisted the same item, with the same description! as new! couldn't believe it) so, i followed up with feedback and warned the buyers that he lied on the description. he followed up accusing me of being a liar and said that ppal sided with him, but he refunded my money b.c. he wanted to??? i am so pissed. i can't follow up on that, because i already did. i hate that he is lying on his feedback about me. i'm close to being all done with eBay, but it's the ethics that's really bothering me. is there any recourse to be had???
  2. try put it behind you now

    accept what you cant change
    change what you can
    and have the wisdom to know the difference
  3. You have to believe that karma will catch up with him. The only neg. I have was from a liar too but she got what was coming to her, she was suspended & you can see that when you follow someone's feedback so just put a period to this & move on.
    Sorry you had to deal with this, though.....
  4. you ladies are far too nice! I'd use an ip changer, get a new id with totally made up details, wait a week & then buy some of his stuff then neg him with explanations that he lies in his auctions.
    but thats just me :biggrin:

  5. HAHA
    But then you'd have to pay for the items. NPB can't leave neg feedback anymore correct????

    Or you could just post a website like I did!!!:graucho:
  6. try to remember that what goes around comes around. you have done all you can - wasting any more energy on him just upsets you - and that would make him happy if he knew and you don't want that!
  7. You won the PayPal dispute and he's claiming victory in feedback? That's totally wrong. I realize it's a long shot but I'd notify eBay that seller changed the facts and resorted to what amounts to defamation of character. There should be recourse in situations like these. Sorry your feedback suffered. :flowers:
  8. ^^^ thanks, all. i feel better- it's just tough to let things go sometimes, kwim? chloe- i think his claiming victory is what put me over the edge.
  9. I'd say just leave it and move on. I know it is hard to swallow this, but what goes around comes around. Someday his id will be unregistered.

    As a matter of fact, a negative feedback doesn't affect a buyer as much as it does to a seller. eBay will not fix or adjust feedbacks unless it reveals a non-ebay website, or mentions people's names. This seller knows he is lying, and this guilt of mind will stay with him forever even he doesn't admit it. This is the most severe punishment to him.

    You have your money back. So, leave it and enjoy a great weekend!
  10. I share your frustration - I too get so concerned with fairness that I can't always let things go. You can, I believe, apply to Ebay to have feedback removed if it is defamatory and you can demonstrate that it is untrue. I investigated this option a while back when I received a totally untrue comment. I can't recall the exact details but seem to remember there was a requirement to get a notary or commissioner of oaths to attest to a formal statement or similar. A lot of hassle, but I seriously contemplated it . . .
  11. Its frustrating and unfair, but on a open Forum like Ebay you realise that you come accross alot of people who are not very nice, and moreso dishonest.........

    The more you dwell, the more you make yourself feel bad - Why do that, move on in the knowlwdge that 'What Goes Around - Comes Around...
  12. Recently I read a statement that can apply to so many situations- "allowing someone to rent space in your head"- & we have to determine if it's worth it to let someone do that.
    This can apply to a bad boyfriend, a toxic friend or this ebay jerk.
    Does he deserve to rent space in your head? Most likely not because he infringing on your space & doesn't deserve it.
  13. GREAT Quote - Its so correct though.... But much harder to live by - As a Fashion Photographer I know another quote 'He who has known Passion - will search for it his entire life' - When you do everything with Passion its hard to let go......
  14. ^^^ thanks all! you are so right. thanks for letting me vent. none of my friends ebay or are into purses and things so this forum is a great space. i really appreciate your sage advice. time to move on! besides, i did win... :graucho:
  15. You did and as we both understand, that is the next best thing to being publicly right!