When a SALE might not be worth it....

  1. Ok so it's NOOOOO secret I'm lusting over a new Kelly or Bolide (leanin towards the Bolide) but during many, many hours of researching the right one I have begun to see the "S" I've been reading about here on TPF...

    So a SALE bag is stamped with an "S", and is therefor not elligible for service at the Hermes boutique to be freshened up or personalized?

    I'm falling in love, but will this "S" bag betray me? :shrugs:
  2. Apparently the S stamp just means the item was a sale item; Hermes will still service it no problem.

    The only items they won't service are stamped with a "shooting star", which means it was an item that a craftsman made for his/her own use and which was not meant for sale.
  3. oh ok COOL thank you!!

    Now, I just have to justify the price in my head :wtf: ... and we're there!!


  4. Just an additional note, a bag with an S stamp that has numbers following it is from an employee sale and it is not eligible for Hermes servicing.

    But an 'S' all alone will be serviced at Hermes.
  5. You girls are FABULOUS!!!

    Alas, my Blue Jean dream Bolide IS a "S" stamp, with #'s following. Ok, so onward I look and look. I know my Ms. Kelly or Ms. Bolide is sitting on a shelf somewhere, just waiting for me to take her home ::sniff sniff:: :crybaby:

    I am GRATEFUL for the help girls. ;) Thanks 1,000,000!!
  6. I've heard from a very reliable source (a manager at Hermes) that the employee bags ARE spa-eligible -- it's ONLY the "shooting star" bags that are not.