When a ring turns out NOT the way you wanted it?

  1. Ok, 1st, a lil back story:

    My fiance gave me a Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring (cluster) not too long ago. I love it and wear it, BUT it sits flush on the finger and is shaped (like a roundish-flower shape), so...a wedding band could not sit next to it closely or even remotely look good next to it. Heck, it couldn't even get near it! I really want to have the Engagement and band together on the finger eventually. So, he bought me a loose Black Diamond, said we can custom set it and I can then wear it in it's high setting, together with my band when we get married. I was sooo happy. I remember posting that we were going to have it set in 14kt rose gold setting, pave rubies around it and the Diamond held in a little chalice like setting. Well, thank god the place did a test run with just colored fake stones. (we requested this because once they did it, there would be No turning back). It was all the right coloring, setting, etc...and it looked AWFUL. Beyond awful. Messy, confusing, big, the setting concealed a huge portion of the diamond, it was just so confusing and compact and not all regal and beautiful as I had dreamed. So, thank god we saved our real Black Diamond from this impending fate, but then my dream of my perfect ring went down the hole.

    After much crying (I know it's a dumb thing to be sooo upset over, but it meant alot to me and had been planned and anticipated over) and wondering now what to do, we finally came to a decision I'm happy with. We got another colored Diamond (Green, my favorite color), which I relaized I would want more and are just going to put it in a simple yellow 14kt gold 6-prong setting and let simplicity be the beauty. Even though I AM so excited over my ring and am 100% fine with it now, I still have that original botched design in my mind and i guess I'm greiving it?......has anything like this ever happened to anyone? Like, the feeling of planning something engagement wise, esp. jewelry and have it totally falling thru? It's just a shock cause I was so sure it would look great and I was 100% wrong =/ I dunno, I guess I just need everyday, regular people like me's opinions if you have any.

    Thanks for listening to my long story but I just had to get it off my chest, lol.
  2. Unfort cant say that this has happend to me, but i feel your pain, and hope that the next one will be more beautiful then you gould imagine.

    ps congrats
  3. Major snaps to you for doing a test run with the fakes before hand. Imagine that heartbreak right before the wedding wiht no turning back!!!!

    This has never happened to me, and I don't know if it ever will. But if I do end up designing my own ring at some point, I will take your experience and do a fake test run as well. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    I hope it all works out.
  4. Hell YES!!! and more than once:crybaby: .

    When DH gave me the a larger diamond for our tenth aniversary I had two botched setting jobs and a setting which was a huge style mistake:yucky: , --unfortunately I was "stuck" with it.

    For our 13th anniversary I tried again. I brought a different jeweler a picture of a Scott Kay design, and, surprise, awful, just awful. So, I brought a picture of a platinum Michael Bondanza setting that I loved but couldn't afford--same jeweler created it in 18K and I was surprised how it turned out but I was pleased with it. This year I found the original Bondanza platinum setting at a jewelery store closing and I was shocked at how different the copy and the original were. Happily, this time I can afford it, so twenty four years later, I have the setting of my dreams, and for the winter solstice holiday I got the diamond band to match.:yahoo: I think I'll move on to the perfect earrings. :idea:

    Some people are committed to wearing the original wedding jewelery. It's a personal thing, I'd rather keep the original husband and change the jewelry around;) , but that's just me.

  5. not with a stone, but a gold ring that I had made. I took all of my old broken jewelry (20+ years worth) to a jeweler and had him melt it all down and make new custom pieces out of it.

    One of the rings is very large and heavy and it is uncomfortable on my finger because I always wear rings with very thin bands.

    I knew when I saw the drawings that it would probably be uncomfortable, but he was really excited about it and so I took a chance.

    I do wear it every once in a while and get a ton of compliments, but I can never leave it on long.

    I will take pics later and show you guys what I mean.
  6. Yeah, I can relate. When I got engaged, hubby let me pick out my engagement ring. I (thought I) wanted a marquis cut in a gold setting. So, long story short, when he picked up the ring I picked, I hated it. Didn't have the heart to tell him, but then one day he told me that he didn't like it! LOL, kewl! So, he took the ring back and this time, HE picked out my engagement ring. I can't tell you how much better his ring is than the one I picked out! It's a princess cut in a silver setting with some little princess cut stones on the side, size is perfect and I Love it to death.
  7. It's not a dumb thing to be upset over. This sia ring you plan on wearing for the ret of your life. If you weren't happy with it you would think about it every time you looked at it. Or even worse you wouldn't even want to wear it which would be even worse.
  8. wow, I guess this sorta thing does go on. it's cool he hated it too, lol. your ring that you got and love sounds so pretty, id love to see!

    I actually got all my stuff and got my ring set today!!!!! I. LOVE. IT...we finally decided on a 14kt WHITE gold setting with baguette and round diamonds going down the sides and the 1 kt Green Diamond as the solitaire/center stone. it;s amazing, i am in love. i got it at 5:30 today!!!! i need to take super pics, my camera blows, so we are going to dinner tomorrow and will have my best friends take them to post them up here. i cried when i got it and was all boogery from crying, too much info i know, but it's the truth hahaha.
  9. gwmpt1 - Thanks so much, yer very sweet :heart:

    batgirl0711 - yea, test-runs now I know are needed, I felt better I actually did that before it could become a horror I couldn't change, and thanks so much, it did work out (thank god) hehe.

    robyn - thats cool tho, cause you have a piece of a lot of history and all, sounds beautiful :yes:

    champaign - your stuff sounds so nice! im glad you got finally what you wanted ^^ and thank YOU for listening! hehe

    alvie223 - what you said is so true and thats exactly what would have happened ^^ thanks you made me smile w/ yer comment =)
  10. Gayle, That's awesome! Your ring sounds truly beautiful. :love: Congratulations to you both.

  11. gayle -- sorry for you disappointment, but your new ring sounds spectacular. congratulations!

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: i think i'll use that on my hubby next time he finds even more saved ring pictures in my documents folder. hey, ten years isnt that far off and a girl needs to plan! :supacool: