When a return takes over 2 MONTHS?! Thoughts?

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  1. Hi everyone! I bought a Bally card holder when I was out of state in March, and then a week or two later decided it wouldn't work for me. I took it to my local Bally store... they told me their systems weren't synced (or something along those lines) and that they'd have to mail it back to the original store and corporate would send me a check in the mail.

    I got confirmation of the processing in APRIL and they said I'd have the check within 2 weeks. It's June 10th, still nothing. I was trying to be patient but I talked to the SA and he said to get in touch with the GM at the original store I bought it from.

    I'm pretty annoyed that I have to go through months of hassle for a return that was in the time frame, unused, etc. It makes me not want to shop from Bally ever again (this was my first purchase).

    Thoughts? Should I even bother talking to the GM or go straight to Bally customer service?
  2. Call the general manager and then if still doesn't help, do a chargeback through your credit card company.
  3. Exactly.. 2 months is above & beyond a reasonable time period to wait
    for a refund
  4. I have experienced this issue with Adidas....did not get a refund for five months and I had four or five emails going back and forth with them. They kept saying it will credited back to my credit card within a week and it may take up to one billing cycle...

    I called my credit card company five months later, they said I was way over the dispute time period but they asked me to provide all the emails I have on hand and they will do an assessment.

    After a week, my credit card company accepted my dispute because they thought it was ridiculous too.

    What was stupid afterward was that Adidas disputed against my disputed saying that they have shipped the item to me when I have emailed proving that they have "received" the item I returned. Worst customer service experience ever :sad:
  5. I sadly went through a similar lengthy return experience with Burberry.com. Long story short, I ordered online for an in-store pick up, then I requested the item to be returned and the local store had to mail it back to the warehouse. The most you can do is to just wait unfortunately. I know it's a lot of money to wait on...
  6. I would keep pestering the store; and if that doesn't work, contact your credit card company...I've had those kinds of situations where if the cc intervenes they'll miraculously process your return faster.