When a nail breaks...

  1. What do you do when one of your nail breaks? Put polish over it? Cut it? Cut all your nails?

    I finally kicked a nail biting habit by having acylics for a while and then taking them off. Right after, I got a manicure so my nails would look nice and I wouldn't bite. My nails were left very weak and now my long nails keep breaking! I don't want them to be so short all the time or I'm going to want to bite them again.
  2. Well if my nails aren't too long I'll just cut it alone but if they are long I'll just madly cut all of them lol.
    Hate it when that happens!
  3. I just cut them all. It looks too weird to have some short nails and some long nails.
  4. i absolutely HATE it when I break a nail!!! i have to cut all my nails when one breaks :sad:
  5. If the difference isn't too big, I just file it. If the difference is big, I cut them all. I'd recommend Trind Nail Repair to strengthen your nails, but after looking around online to find a place to order a new bottle, I see that some people have had problems with it destroying their nails :shrugs:
    I'm a nail biter too, just gave it up a week ago (I have no problems stopping, though, but I usually don't bother because I know I'll start again once I'm about to take an exam or something stresses me out, and I bite them so short it takes 8 weeks for them to grow long, and I take exams every semester so it just seems like a waste of time :p ) But every time I've stopped in the past I've used Trind daily, and it makes my nails very hard and I've never had any problems with it. Even after seeing pictures of a woman who got her nails destroyed, I'm still going to order up a new bottle, because it has never done anything but good to mine :flowers:
  6. I try to keep mine the same length, so if I break one (or more likely chip the corner off one), they all get filed down. I found the best thing for growing nails is Nailtiques. Start with #2 formula and then you can switch to #1 later (it's like clear nail polish you use alone or as a base coat). It was recommended by a co-worker (she has 1" talons of death and they never break) and the difference in growth and strength has been fantastic. I highly recommend it. I've seen it online and in CVS drug stores.
  7. I clip and file them all down.
  8. Well, truth is I'll TRY to save it....which usu. does NOT work. So then I end up filing them all down.
  9. It depends on how much of a difference there is in length between the broken and unbroken nails. If I can just file the broken nail down with out giving up a lot of length, I'll do that. More often then not, though, I'll shorten all of the nails so that it isn't as obvious.

    I too used to be a nail biter, which is what turned me on to nail polish (if my fingers are polished, I don't bite!). For a while I wore acrylics, but when I had them taken off I ran into the same problem that you are having. Until the nails full grew out (which seemed like FOREVER!), I kept them very short so that I didn't try to bite them or worry about broken nails all of the time.
  10. cut down or file.. like them looking neat & well groomed... not all different lengths
  11. In the past i used to file my nails down, maybe not to the same length as the broken one but short enough so that the broken one doesn't look so mismatched with the others.
  12. I gotta cut and file all my nails to the length that the one nail broke to. I cant have all my nails at different lengths
  13. I just trim them all down to about the same length (unless it was a break to the quick) and reshape nicely so that even short they look cute.
  14. If the difference isn't too great I just take a bit of length off of the ones that didn't break. But if the break is significant I cut them all down.
  15. If it has a side split I make a silk wrap repair. If the tip completely breaks off, I make an extension with Gelish Hard gel . Just did this a few days ago and its holding up well so far.