When a friend wears a fake!!!!!!

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  1. Today I went to lunch with a very good friend of mine. She is an elegant dresser and has a ton of money. I know she is horrified by how much I spend on bags so I don't discuss it very often - meanwhile, she is carrying a blatant Coach FAKE!!!!! I was totally shocked but acted casual about it - Has anything like that ever happened to any of you? and if so, how did you handle it?
  2. I honestly wouldn't care... unless she was blatantly flaunting it as a real bag. In that case, knowing me, I would probably make it known that I knew, but I wouldn't feel a need to say anything otherwise. A Coach fake though? lol
  3. i don't really care - it looks good on them and it makes them happy! :nuts: i guess they're really good fakes...
  4. I would but her a real one for her next birthday. Maybe then she will come to appreciate the beauty of the real deal?
  5. I see fakes all the time, we are close enough to Canal St in NYC. I choose not to say anything as I don't want to embarass someone. If this person had a lot of money and is a close friend of yours--well, it depends on if you want to risk saying anything.
    You might want to refer to Paula Zahn's CNN episode on counterfeit bags or I believe one of the the members is reading a book on counterfeiting. It is easy to google some of this info for casual discussion.
  6. If you decide to speak to her about it can you ask where she got it? A fake Coach? Don't hear that often, people usually attack the high-end brands like LV or something lol.
  7. I dunno.. who cares? It's HER bag... some people aren't handbag freaks and don't see the justification in designer prices.... so they take the fake route.
  8. Well if it was my best freind I'd take the bag off of her and throw it in the trash!!! Then smack her upsidedown her head and tell her WTF!!!! Take your ass to the coach store and get the real thing!!!! But if it were just a good freind I would buy her one and mail it to her as a belated birthday present,.. she'll appreciate it so much and she will always love you and remember would always remember that YOU got her her first designer bag!!!! Hey it might change the way she looks at the $$$ of bags!
  9. I have a friend that is obsessed with carrying an Lv, she cant afford the real deal and doesnt care that its fake :worried: (in fact has had one sent to her from china):cry: I am always sure to ask her before going to visit what bag she's carrying to ensure i'm not carrying my lv when she will have her fake out..

  10. i'll try not to care, i cant force her to think the way i do about handbags, coz eventhough i love authentic designer handbags, i realize that many ppl, have ton of money/not, think spending that amount of money for a handbag is insane.. thats their right, *like lets say you love to cook, u dont have too make ur friends love it too, do u?*..but if she(/he) tells me that its real n boast about it, then its a different story :evil:!!
  11. I think its personal. Carrying a fake is bag taste, and if people want to look like they have bad taste, it's their problem. Just like people who wear the worst mis-matched clothes, or ugly dirty shoes. If they don't care, so shouldn't we.
  12. A friend of mine has a fake LV and she's not ashamed to admit it's a fake and says she loves it. I say nothing. To each his own.
  13. I wouldn't care. It's none of my business to make any comments about her choices. Not everyone can splurge like some of us and even some friends w/money might spend the money on more meaningful things in their lives than spend hundreds on a handbag. Who knows..perhaps they think we're crazy for spending so much for 'just a bag'...LOL.

    I know there are people who buy the fakes not b/c they want to pull it off as real, but they like the style when they see it and if it's affordable, they buy it b/c they're unaware of the consequences of counterfeits and they're not really into the handbag scene. I have a friend who has a fake balenciaga bag but she just bought it b/c she saw it at a store and thought the style was cute. She wasn't even aware of the fact that it's Balenciaga fake...let alone know who Balenciaga is.

    So no, I would not point it out...I'd feel like a snob doing so (UNLESS I knew she was trying to play it off as if it was real and she'd bought it for retail price of an authentic one)
  14. I have a friend who would 'ooh' and 'aah' every time she saw me with a new designer bag, especially LV and Dior, because she loves those, and she always complained about how she could never afford bags like mine. And if I owned a bag she really liked, I'd see her a couple of weeks later with the exact same bag -- ONLY FAKE :worried:.

    If I said, "Oh, you got that too!" in the now-we-have-matching-bags kind of tone, she'd say, "Yeah, I've waited so long to get this!"

    And if I didn't say anything, she'd go right ahead and say anyway, "Look, I finally got this!" :amazed:

    I never say anything about them being fake, because she's so obviously happy with them, and I would only be rubbing the fact in that she can't afford the authentic ones. But like lvobsessed, I always try to see what bag she's carrying before deciding on my own, and fortunately, she always stops by my house before we go out, so I only choose my own bag once she gets in the door! :amuse: