When A Family Member Questions The Authenticity of Your Items....

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  1. A cousin of mine came to visit and asked me if my mono Sarah was real. I just said "yes". The Sarah I purchased at a Neiman's in FL. However, I still feel very bothered by the question, and very insulted. She asked me this same question when I used to use a Burberry wallet that I purchased at a Burberry boutique in FL. It's just annoying. How would you feel about this?

    I really love my Sarah wallet and don't want to stop using her despite all the skepticism about luxury products these days. I have thought about going Epi to counter this discomfort.

    What say you?
  2. May I ask why are you so bothered by her question? Maybe she hit a nerve? I understand it's not very polite but if it's authentic then who cares what she thinks? She might still thinks it's not real but SO WHAT? What do you got to prove?
  3. Because she is my cousin I was surprised she would think I would do something like that.
  4. Maybe she knows a lot of people who rock fakes and she was just being inquisitive?
  5. I think it's worst when it's family because you expect better. I have to lie to my family that my LV are fakes so I won't get *****ed at. Its really sad.
  6. Maybe...good point.
  7. Yes, it hurts more because you think they know you.
  8. They do know you, they know which button to push lol. I learn to just look at them as human beings. As hard as it may seem but try to look at the innocence in their action rather than the worst.
  9. She probably thought that it wasn't an insulting question and inquired innocently. She perhaps didn't mean to insult you with it.

    I say if you love vernis buy vernis!
  10. Yes you are probably right. Thanks.
  11. Maybe she is trying to stack up to you? Jealousy, maybe? Or maybe her manners are not the same as yours and she just doesn't realize that is not an appropriate question to ask.
  12. I feel like she might have not known what a real one or fake one looks like so she asked.
  13. My cousin does the something when she comes over...but. Little backwards. Shell say, I have that same bag...but I know yours is real. It's an ode to knowing we like nice things and will spend what we like to get quality items. Take it as a compliment and move on. Cousins are just like that sometimes.
  14. I get this a lot. When I tell them it's real they scoff and can't believe I would pay so much for a bag. But surely it's better than buying a shoddy fake from a dodgy dealer?

    In the end, it's your money. Be proud you could purchase something legit :smile:
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    My cousin will say, "I like that! Is it real? Can I have it???" in rapid fire. I think it's funny. I don't consider her rude because she is my first cousin, we grew up together and I feel that family can say anything they want to me unless they are trying to be hurtful. It doesn't and wouldn't bother me at all.

    Edit: Maybe I feel differently because she isn't questioning my ability to pay for said item and she has expensive taste and designer items. I don't know whether OP is young but I'm 35 and my cousin is 41 so we're not young and it wouldn't be odd to have nice things at our age. Although I do think even if I was 21 it wouldn't bother me unless I sense malicious intent, especially if it's family.