when a co-workers says something ...

  1. ok , here is my dilema. i work in the fashion indusrty and for yrs , i've worked in women's wear; where everybody carried a YSL, LV or Chanel. I was sick of my boss so in Jan I left and started a new job that pays more , however it is in the outerwear and sports sector. my co-workers do not walk around w. designer bags or expensive jewels. it has taken a while for me to get used to this, but i welcome the change. so 2 weeks a go i bought a new louis bag ( hampstead gm/ damier ) . I showed it to a co-worker of mine, who used to work at my old company . so we are talking about the bag and how nice it is and a male co-worker passes by and says nice bag. I said thanks and the female workers I was talking to says " it's a louis" . he says wow , how much was it. I say " enough". guess he later finds out the real price. today, i walk to get lunch and i'm carrying my lv zippy wallet. and he says " another LV" and I say no , this is old. he turns , and yells in front of the whole entire sales area " i guess you get paid really well here". oh my god ... that really urked me. i dont need everybody hearing that and thinking about me and what i spend. i do get paid well , but that is not his business! i am the youngest executive at the office and i dont want ppl thinking less of me! should i really let this get to me or ignore it ? at my last job , this wouldn't have happened. if i walked in w/ a new bag the girls would flock to me and say .. uhhh let me see ! such a different environment.
  2. I don't really see any advantage to 'letting it get to you'. I agree it was a rude thing for him to say but really, what can you do?
  3. Yeah, he is a jerk. Let it go.

    I have discovered whenever anyone mentions anything about how much money I make the best answer is
    "never enough" and laugh.
  4. This is why I never carry bags in an environment where it could negatively affect something as important as my job.
  5. That is why I always want to buy no logo LV stuff, damier or EPI. Not too many ppl would know.
  6. I used to have that 'problem' at my old place but I just usually say oh no it's old etc et, it was a gift/ my mom's etc..

    sad but true, luckily at my new place, ppl usually concentrate on work and don't make comments like these

    good luck!

    just ignore him btw! (maybe he's jealous?!)
  7. thanks for the advise. this happened w/ my damier bag! plus i feel like i shouldn't be called out for my bags! nobody else gets called out for there rings or fancy cars .. i'm going to let it go , but i should be able to enjoy my bags w/o getting nasty remarks for it.
  8. yes, you should definitely be able to enjoy your bags...too bad there are ppl like him out there....

    everyone just likes to spend their money differently..
  9. Just ignore him...he doesn't sound like he's worth any trouble.
    You can buy/wear what you like!
  10. Try not to let it get to you. - He's probably jealous thinking you make more than he does, but for all he knows, it was a gift from hubby or bf... or you've inherited money, etc. Not that any of that matters. It was a rude comment. Don't let it get to you and just enjoy and carry your wonderful bags.
  11. People can be sucky. I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

    There's an old biddy where I work (in beauty trade magazines) who's the ancient proofreader. Feh. Everyday she comes in looking for gossip, and I'm the one she picks on because, well, who knows?

    Anyway, she did exactly what your jerk did, and I was mortified. But, at 42, I don't really pull any punches anymore and I called her aside and told her that my purses and my budget were none of her damned business!

    Good luck with your situation.
  12. Sounds like a jerk to me too. It's none of his business what you decide to spend your money on.

    I know work situations are tough because people always assume how much you're "worth" and make based on clothing, bags, shoes, car, etc.

    If it makes you feel better ... I've been treated rudely for looking more average. I used to own a Jeep Wrangler. Everyone knows they are fun, inexpensive cars. I actually drove it to an interview and the person interviewing me arrived at the same time and saw my car. When they offered me the job they couldn't believe I made as mucxh at my current job and actually said they didn't think I made that "much". I think it's because he saw my car because what I was asking for was average for my job and was within their salary range. Sheesh!
  13. It is not polite, in my opinion, to comment on other peoples' appearance, clothing or accessories, unless you want to pay a sincere compliment.

    People who earn low incomes are aware of the gap between have and have nots, and are not really either shocked or surprised by how much the affluent spend on any one item, handbag or otherwise.

    But I think what happens sometimes is that as some changes and challenges begin to impact people, and it is a new thing for them, that it is of course extremely stressful, and they are likely to forget themselves in all kinds of ways.

    Probably the best way to handle it is try to spend lunch and break times with other co-workers!
  14. You know, a few of my coworkers are always checking out my bags. They think its crazy to pay more than $50 for a purse. Its really none of their business. I don't say to them "oh, why do you go out to eat every day" or "why do you spend so much money on junk for your house"
    Don't let it get to you, enjoy your bags!
  15. It is out of line to comment on another persons salary, or at least in poor taste. Guess his wife has not taught him to appreciate nice handbags.