When 2 TPFers discover each other & reunite IRL....in the office!

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  1. This thread is dedicated to my fellow TPFer lina2, who, apparently, is ALSO my co-worker!!! :nuts:

    It's so funny (& weird) how it all happened....she asked for my opinions on a bag she just got, then we started chatting about purse obsession, mentioned this forum, then she was like, OMG, you are hikarupanda?!?! I read your posts all the time!!!

    It's so weird coz I am kinda embarassed to reveal my unhealthy obsession/addiction to purses so I rarely discussed about bags with friends, let alone co-workers in the boring public sector office setting!!!! But today fate led us to discover each other and reunite!! Not online but IRL!!!

    And of course we were like trying to convert other female purse-obsessed coworkers into TPFers! :roflmfao:

    Have you ever "discovered" someone you have already known IRL (maybe for years) that he/she is actually an obssessed TPFer just like you are? How did that happen??
  2. Wow!!!:nuts: We're taking over the world:supacool:
  3. That is too cute!!
  4. No not yet, but I always think about it when I see a woman with a great purse in the grocery store or at Starbucks.

    so, who is your tPF posting co-worker?
  5. That's funny! I wish I had someone close by that shares my obsession with bags and TPF.
  6. That's so cute!
  7. That is soo cool. I wish I can find someone.
  8. That is fantastic. YOu are lucky, I have to keep my obsession to myself and would so love to share it with another co-worker. So cool talking over the water cooler!

    Excellent and what a great find - lucky you.
  9. How cute. =)
  10. Wow, that is so cool!
  11. That is funny!
  12. Haha that's awesome.
  13. :nuts: That's great!!
  14. Wow.....that is great! You guys could go shopping on your lunch hour!

    I wish I had a friend/family member who shared my love of designer bags......
  15. :lol: I just :heart: that story! How awesome...now if only MY co-workers were into bags...I think it'd help the day pass by so much faster!! :rolleyes: