When 1 is not enough.. Reveals !


IG : balengirl
Aug 24, 2010
Down Under
Ok let's start..
I have glazing issue with my Dora bag. My SA call me and ask me to come to get a new bag. They are not able to fix it. And since Dora is limited edition bag, she offer me to choose other bag. Honestly I am happy that LV stand behind their product, but I am also super sad because I love my Dora very much. Long story short, I think very hard what to get. For sure I don't want to take another bag which will give problems in the future. So I take bag that I have tested..
I choose Spontini Empreinte. This bag has minimum glazing, so I thought it will be save for me. I have in black, I wear it often, and still in perfect condition. No defect at all ! I decided to take another one in Red.. :smile:
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