Wheels Women Melt Over *pics*

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  1. Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG for me :biguns:

    if that makes me beach babe, :beach:, bring it on baby !!!
  2. ferrari and bentley, drool, one can only hope. :yes:
  3. omg i love this car too. i'm currently on the look out for a new one. the Z is one of my top picks.:tup: i test drove one day before yesterday. i wish i knew how to drive stick though. it would have been a much better experiance. but the test drive was fun i only hit 60mph cuz i was in an industrial residence but if the dealer would have let me go on the free way i would so have floored it. :smile:
  4. omg it looks like i am five different types of babes in one !:graucho: cant decide which one i like the most ! :nuts:
  5. i adore BMW...

    this is the new M3 and shortly after its relased with the hard top convertible it will be MINE (in black or silver).



    i also looooove the m5

  6. Prius all the way! WOO!! I'm a "green babe" I guess :graucho:
  7. I went to a charity event at a dealership where a lot of these high end cars are sold. I sat in a Bentley GT convertible and I can say without a doubt it is the most beautiful car I have ever seen up close and personal. The craftmanship is impeccable and the design, both inside and out, is astounding. I have a feeling if I had that car, I would never own anything else. Ah, someday ....

  8. thank you it is a super hot car!
  9. Love the Bentley and Aston but my husband doesn't -I find that weird. He def drives a chic magnet but he already has a hottie!

  10. I'm SOOOOOO with you on this! BMW ALL the way! :yes::tup:
  11. Woah that Bentley makes me melt! :drool:
  12. A Ferrari for me PLEASE...
  13. Two thumbs way up on the M3 & M5!
  14. Love love love that Porsche. Or any Porsche, really.
  15. Those magnums are terrible, driving them is a nightmare.

    They turn like truck , have the pickup of a malibu.
    The windows are small and high making them impossible to see through, driving a magnum is like driving a tank without any of the qualities that make tanks tanks.