Wheels Women Melt Over *pics*

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  1. mmm, that Aston Martin is incredible!!! :heart:

    :wlae: :drool:
  2. I love Range Rovers. That is my dream car.
  3. Miss Alice you are so right! An Aston Martin is about understated elegance and style. Beats all the others hands down. All you need to know is you rarely see a footballer in an Aston, but there are 9 Bentley Continentals is the Manchester United car park!

    BTW the DB9 is most def. in production, I see a few everyday as I live near an Aston garage. I thought I would never love a car more than the DB7, but the 9 is just heaven and the men that drive them are delicious.
  4. hi eliselady!

    the Aston just seems so sexy yet classy..and fierce (in a car sense) to me..hhaa...maybe im a bit nutty..hehe...

    do u see any v8 vantages? i think that car is sooooo hot too!! i like Astons bc they are rather rare (in NYC, i see so many bentleys, ferrarris, but hardly any Astons) and i like how the Aston Martin's interior is soooo detailed (stichings, leather, colors) and so well crafted..haha...i think its ALL IN THE DETAILS!!!

    although i think ferrarri and bentleys are all beautiful cars, and i appreciate their beauty, i think they are too flashy for my taste and alot of drivers i have seen with these cars are ALL TRYING REALLY HARD to impress and thats NOT COOL to me..hehe...

  5. drool! love the bentley.
  6. Hi Miss Alice! Ha ha Fierce is the word, you arent at all nuts! these cars are something else......Yes I do see the Vantage too, lovely but I think the DB9 wns it for me. In fact I love all of the DB cars, especially the DB5 Sean Connery drives in James Bond. All Astons are made beautifully - you are right, its all in the details! British Racing green for me, with cream leather interior.

    We do have a James Bond car, a lotus esprit, but (although my husband would hate me for saying this) it isnt a DB5......sigh......

    Am so pleased Astons are back in James Bond again. I know they are owned by Ford now, but as an English girl it just never seemed right seeing him in a BMW.
  7. I melt when I see my Husband drive his 1970 Chevy Camaro
    IDK......................... fast older race cars:drool:
  8. I love Aston Martin but I prefer the Vanquish over the DB9.
  9. gotta be a ferrari for me Bf has one.

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  10. hi eliselady!

    Oooo british racing green! i have heard that the green is all the rage right now in the UK..i havent had the pleasure to see one in person yet! most of the astons i have seen in the US are meteorite silver, black, and the blue...all are soooooo FIERCE! everytime i see/hear one pass by, i get so excited! lol...its def a head turner!!
  11. i cant wait for this to come out.

    i want it so bad :drool:

    this is my magnet. i am definatly drwan to it :heart:


    2008 chevy camaro ss
  12. i love chevrolet


    2006 orange county auto show
    anaheim, calif
  13. ohh I love the Aston Martin DB9!!!:drool::drool: such a sexy car!!
    I think you forgot to post this one up though
    Nissan's 350Z another one of my favorits
    I also love the Prius... cute, environment friendly, and a tax deduction.
  14. I'll admit that a nice looking guy becomes super hot when he's driving a Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc. It's got to be foreign and classy.

    And Label Addict, you lucky girl! My dad's friend used to have one just like that. He took me for a ride in it. That car was HOT!
  15. Aston Martin is owned by ford, but I've heared that Luie Vuitton has bought the Aston Martin name/company (not to sure if that true though). Ford sold the name because of the all time low sales the cars have had in the past couple of years.
    I got really excited when I heard that news. I couldnt imangin what the cars would change into and how much more style they would have.

    Has anyone else heard this news?