Wheels and BabyDoll Dress

  1. I want to purchase this dress I think its fab But the thing is , Is it on sale or was it limited edition of W&D because I cant find it :confused1: I need to find it I have try the website but its not on it. :confused1:

  2. Do you mean Wheels & Doll Baby?
  3. Yeah notice that there when I had it posted !
  4. Have you contacted them direct to find out who bought the dress? It may be that it never went to production and was used for publicity only....annoying but it does happen
  5. I never thought of that. I most do that thanks.
  6. how much does it retail for if you dont mind me asking?
  7. She doesn't know.....she can't find it
  8. That dress is so hot! I hope that you're able to find it!!
  9. I have emailed them . If I get any feed back I post it up :smile:
  10. Let us know, that dress is hot!
  11. very nice dress, good luck tracking it down!!
  12. They email me back , they have them left in size 12 Australia sizing.. :sad: which is not my size :sad: price I dont know
  13. ^ That's too bad.... Can't you alter it to fit your size?
  14. I dunno I could but I do like buying my own size . altering can always go wrong
  15. W&DB can run very small so if a AU12 isn't too far off your usual clothing size it might not be too big of a risk to take.