Wheel shoe organizer

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  1. I came across the wheel shoe organizer today (photo below). It looks pretty cool, seems to take up less space than my current (though loved) Container Store boxes. I was wondering if anyone's tried it and likes it, I'm definitely thinking about ordering once they're off backorder. I think it seems like a great option for a closet space deprived girl like me.

    Website is rakkudesigns.com.

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  2. wow!! It looks interesting!!
  3. That is so cool! Let us know if you get this, I would love to see how it works out! I may consider that soon. If I even buy 1 more pair of shoes, I won't have anywhere to put them!
  4. I saw that too! It looks interesting but I think I'd be scared to put my Choos/Louboutins in there!
  5. Interesting. Since it's adjustable it can handle different heel heights.
  6. I agree about the Choos/Louboutins, but I have plenty of lower-end heels as well, and I'm not so worried about them.