wheeee, my latest dior buys

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  1. ima so loving the dior romantique collection *dances*


  2. Thats so pretty!

    I love the Romantique collection also. I got the trotter heart flap last weekend which I absolutely adore.
  3. congrats!!! :drinks: celebrate the purchase of your lovely items!!
  4. thank you all ...lolx i could not stop looking at the tote..its so girlish :nuts:
  5. Wow so pretty, I love the Romantique line. Can't afford anything at the moment....

  6. Your latest Diors are irresistable!!!! I want that ultra-feminine Trotter Romantique tote!
  7. Very pretty! Congrats!
  8. Love the wallet
  9. Very pretty!
  10. Great choices. Congrats!
  11. Love them both, congrats!
  12. Very pretty, Congrats!
  13. its incredible how romantique grows on me :drool: ...great purchase hun congrats!
  14. romantique has always been my fav!!!
    love the tote!
    you need to model it for us ;)
    does it come with a metallic button to fasten the top?
  15. congrats both so gorgeous