Wheeee! I just rec'd my first Hayden Harnett bag!

  1. ...and I'm sure it won't be my last:yes: I bought the Gaza hobo in Prune leather (I think it is the same as the Amethyst leather) and it is perfect:yahoo: It is a lovely deep muted purple that looks "washed" (the leather isn't smooth and shiny). It is so soft and the hobo shape fits my shoulder like a dream ! I will try to post pics soon but I wanted to post now so I could ask you all if you could recommend a protectant spray that will not change the leather or make it shiny ? I live in a rainy city so I would like to protect it. BTW, I bought it from the HH sample sale for 40% off and I can't see any flaws or damage ! Woohoo! It's a good thing I saved money on the purchase price because the customs fees were killer ! (I'll never use UPS again...they charged $53.83 in brokerage fees!)

    Thanks :smile:
  2. That sounds gorgeous - love the sound of the leather and the colour. Look forward to seeing pics :smile:
  3. ewwww at the Brokerage fees (I bought 5 tassels and UPS charges me freaking $20 - $20 is also the price of the 5 tassels...)

    I am so glad you got a HH bag! I was in time to get the tassels, but not in time to get a bag! I guess I have to wait for another sample sale!
  4. Congratulations ! wish i could see them here in the UK!
  5. congrats, can't wait to see your pride and joy!
  6. Congrats & enjoy!