Whee! Look what I just bought..

  1. I'm so excited! This is my first Chloe bag. I was initially looking for a Silverado but I saw this & melted. Plus, with the nice things I've read about Roz, it made me get over my fear of an international transaction. Shipping was a little steep but it was worth it.. Will post more pics when I get her:love: (photo credit goes to Roz)
  2. OMG! Acegirl, that is absolutely gorgeous! I am just in love with that color! Congratluations, that is one beautiful bag!
  3. Thanks very much! I'm a little nervous as I've never seen one of these bags IRL (maybe that makes me nuts, not nervous:shame: ) but from seeing everyone's pics, I just know I'll love this bag. If not, I'm not too worried about finding someone to take it off my hands;)
  4. Love the color.
    So bold and bright and HAPPY :smile:
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats! Edith is a great bag, she is tough and beautiful!
  7. what a beautiful color! :love:
  8. Congrats! Thats my fav color of edith. I think it's a little darker IRL, can't remember. But Roz is a nice seller, I bought my paddy wallet from her.
  9. Wow! That color is just beautiful! Congrats!!:heart: :biggrin: :heart:
  10. I love the turquoise! My friend has one, and I almost got one when they were on NAP...I am sure you will LOVE it! In fact, she got hers from Roz, too!
  11. Thanks All!:flowers: I'm glad the PF'ers have had such good experiences with Roz. She was very helpful!
  12. Congrats, Acegirl!! Can't wait till it arrives and see your pics. I think the turquoise is fabulous and very eye-catching!
  13. Wow! Eye-popping color! That is just beautiful!
  14. The Edith has really grown on me in that color since I saw the color IRL in a Silverado. It's such a gorgeous saturated shade - the Silverado was almost a Teal more than a Turquoise (even though NAP was calling it blue at one point). Anyway, the Edith looks even prettier in that shade - I'm sure you'll love it. Congrats!
  15. Congrats, Acegirl! What a fantastic summer color!!!