Whee! Look what came today!

  1. Coach Perfume Sample.

    Okay so it was addressed to my Mom, but she's letting me have it. :yahoo:





    The perfume is in a small spray vial that slips into a metal embossed C cylinder that can clip onto your bag or keys. Very cute!
    perfume01.jpg perfume02.jpg perfume03.jpg perfume04.jpg
  2. luckkkyyyy! ;) I only got the catalog haha...but i smelled the perfume sample and oh MAN does it smell GOOOOOD. :yes:
  3. very cute

    lovin' all the pics! i wish i had one :sad:

    i think there's a thread on this already though :O)
  4. Is there? I looked...but I admit I only did a quick check! LOL. I was soooo excited when I came home, my Mom left a note that said, "You can have the Coach box on the ottoman." And I'm like, what? What did she order from Coach? LOL.
  5. awwwww. I want one too. This makes me want to spend more, cuz I dont feel appreciated enough :crybaby: Oh well, I better get the PCE invite. Congratulations though, thats reaally cute. I didnt know your mom is a Coach collector too. How's her collection??? You should ask her if you can post it so we can all see. Hehe
  6. Oh, congrats! That is so dang cute! I just love it!
  7. yup, coach perfume by mail. i forget the exact title. but it's okay :smile: you took more pics! :wlae:

    if anyone wants to send me one..i'll trade for the one that they gave me! ;)
  8. Yep, my Mom loves her Coach too. I'm the one who got her hooked on it! (and LV too!) We really need to spend a day photographing both our collections -- with spotlights, etc.
  9. What a sweet MOM!
  10. That's so cool! So they just sent it for free? Or did your mom buy it?
  11. Thats AWESOME! :yes:
  12. lucky!

    my mum would never share!

    she's worse than I am!

    congrats u lucky lady!

  13. So very cute krispin41!
    I'm at college now but my mom called and told me I got a little Coach gift in the mail. Hopefully it's that!
  14. Lucky. I didn't get one. Not fair.
  15. that is so cute, i would keep it even after the perfume is all used up!