WHEE! Guess what I just ordered? 07 Grass Green First!!

Congrats! I really didn't know much about B-bags until TPF and now I am really thinking about getting one after seeing all of your gorgeous bags!

Post pics when you get it!
Congrats, this is such a fun color!

Z, how was the leather on the one you saw? It seems to vary a lot from pic to pic that I've seen.

We'll~ the leather on the grass green first with reg hardware was the BEST!!!! No veins at all and very soft!!!! Such a gorgeous color.

However, they had a day bag with the big gold hardware and the leather was very spotted looking~ just exactly like the pictures posted in another thread by Spiralwoman!!!

Looked just like this~

I even but the 2 bags next to each other and the leather looked completely different. By far~ the leather on the first was much nicer!!!!!! It looked like satin.
thanks Ladies.

yay! you are making me more excited!!!

Jem~ you are going to love it!!!!!!! I am very sure of it! I had my emerald green courier with me and when I saw the grass green first I said to the 2 SA's that were there with me, "OMG~ I LOVE this!" and they said "We figured that you would love this look at your green bag!" LOL
jem - congrats! was this the first at Barneys NY. i recognize the pic zacorey posted....
if so i saw it too, and the leather is truly amazing.
congrats again to you!!!