wheat free and lactose free foods?

  1. I just learned last week that i can't eat foods with either of those ingredients... 28 years of eating habits are gonna be hard to change. Anyone else have the same restrictions? how did you adjust? where do you buy food like that!?
  2. Sorry to hear that!:sad:

    I try and stick to wheat free as much as poss as i suffer from IBS and an intolerance to several foods, including wheat...i find life a bit easier avoiding the foods that can bloat you out - certain types of pasta, bread, etc.

    Stick to potatoes (mash, boiled, jacket) and brown rice as your staple foods - you can even buy wheat free flour for versatility - basically, just check the ingredients. Yes it wil be a pain at first, but you'll benefit in the long run.:yes:

    I also buy wheat free bread, cakes and choccy bars from my local supermarket, it's a bit more expensive, but it's worth it - they can be found in their own section, much like the diabetic and organic foods.:smile: :flowers:
  3. Can you eat soy products? My husband is lactose intolerant, but loves his bowl of cereal in the morning. We switched to soy milk. It is so similar to regular milk when poured on cereal that we don't even notice the difference (I switched, too - partly for convenience, partly for the health benefits of soy).

    Depending on you level of lactose intolerance, you may be able to reintroduce hard cheeses in time (there is very little lactose in hard cheese). Also, I believe yogurt can be tolerated (but listen to your doctor's advice, of course).

    Good luck! Today's supermarkets are getting very versatile - I am sure with some investigating you will find some good substitutes! :smile:
  4. chicky, I have IBS too, and the lactose and wheat are trigger foods, lactose more than anything! I love brown rice, good thing i guess!

    Suedoc, i'm gonna buy soy milk today. I've never tried, doc said it might make me gassy lol i love soy beans and soy crisps, so i'm sure i'll handle it ok.

    We have a couple of stores that specialize in organic and speciality foods, i'm gonna give those a try today.
  5. I have had friends with wheat allergies. Spelt ends up being one of their alternatives. You can buy spelt bread at the health food store and one of my friends ginds her own spelt flour. I think health food stores are a good place for those with food allergies as they tend to have alternative grains there. The same goes for lactose items.

    Chinese food tends to be good for lactose intolerant folks as the Asian population tends to have a higher percentage of that.

    I love Silk soy milk, but it does cause gas for me in large amounts. Rice milk is okay.