Whcih wapity should I get?

  1. Ok, I can't decide which one is cuter? The black mc, white mc, or the mono?

    Help me decide? I definitely have more mono, I only have one mc (white mc speedy). But I'm thinking there's a reason for it.....not sure I :heart: the mc. Never seen any of these in person...help me!!! :confused1:

  2. I love wapity in MC especially white one..very very cute...
  3. white mc is my first choice! Fun colors for a fun little accessory!
  4. I love the MC Black Wapity. :love:
  5. White MC Wapity! So so cute!
  6. Black MC
  7. White MC
  8. White MC! so adorable~
  9. :yes: but I want one mono too...
  10. i like the MC waaaay better than the mono. (the scale of the mc monogram is smaller and fits the wapity better imo) in theory i like white best...but when i tried them on, i went with the black afterall. maybe try to see them in person?
  11. hehe... Nothing wrong with getting both!;)
  12. White MC :yes:
  13. White MC!:love:
  14. White Mc!!!!
  15. Black MC!