whcih one ? 1,2,3?

  1. Hi

    need your help ,,, which one is more popular ? and which one is Nicer u think ? which one should I get ?

    1- Bellevue PM


    3- None
    lvv_thumb.jpg LV_thumb.jpg
  2. Sunset Blvd
  3. 1!!!!!!
  4. I'd go for the Bellevue only because it's a bigger bag than the Sunset. I love the Sunset, but it's not practical for my lifestyle.
  5. i vote for 2.
  6. Sunset Blvd! Such a classy bag!!!
  7. Well, it totally depends on what you're looking for. Obviously, if you're looking for a bag to use for work/shopping/everyday, you should get the Bellevue PM, but if you're looking for a more sophisticated eveningbag you should get the Sunset Boulevard.
    Overall I like the look of the Sunset Boulevard better! It's so classy!
  8. They're really two different types of bags.

    I really like the Sunset Blvd, but I ended up with the Bellevue because I get more use out of it everyday.
  9. The sunset is so chic.. if you dont have a bag similar in style ..definetly go for the sunset!
  10. mmmmm ...

    what does the Sunset Blvd fit ?

    Money , cards & some makeup ! or not !
  11. Nicer? Sunset

    More popular? well the sunset came out about a year ago, so it has a head start, so of course more people have this bag. but this might change with time because the price of bellevue is really attractive

    Which one you should get?....... I really don't know..... but i know which one *I* would get according to my needs/desires at *this* moment lol, and that's the sunset boul.
  12. #1!!!
  13. Anyone can post Sunset with staff in !
  14. I totally agree with what was said above - it depends what you need the bag for - - No. 2 is not an everyday bag - it is more for evening wear. That said I do like it better, but if you never go out fancy than maybe it would not be a wise choice. No. 1 is a much more casual, everyday tote look - but personally I am not fond of the shape. (I have issues with my Houston - and its base is a lot narrower). JMO.
  15. I love sunset. my favorite vernis bag but....
    not roomy and you can put so few stuff in sunset... if you are looking for more roomy bag you have to get the 2nd one..