Whay does the bullet stamp mean on a peyton?

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  1. Please forgive me if this has been addressed already?
    But what does a bullet stamp on the creed mean?
    I am confused are the bleeker street bags really limited.
    And is the gunmetal peyton patent or metallic or what.
    Help, i think i am going to make "the plunge for peyton."
    it seems like the perfect bag for me..
    What about the gunmetal color.... Will it match everything and anything?
    Help help me please???
    The more i read the more confused i get...
  2. bullet stamp=outlet
  3. Its for the bags thats have been deleted from the boutiques and sent to outlets, marshalls, tjmaxx, ross stores like that. You may also see some with X's! It means the same thing.
  4. So,
    What does it mean if they are the bleeker street limited edition plus the bullet.
    is this somethin that i want to purchase?
  5. ^It just means it was sent to the outlet. Its still a bleeker street limited edition, but it was taken out of the full price store and sent to the outlets.
  6. Interesting... some of my outlet bags have stamps but other don't.
  7. There are some that will slip through the cracks and won't be marked...but usually if it's from an outlet and doesn't have a bullet stamp it's more than likely made for the factory..which means it was never sold at a boutique it was special made for the outlets.
  8. I remember one time I was buying a bag and when I went up to purchase it, one of the SA's opened a drawer, reached in to get this silver-notary-stamp-looking thing & proceeded to stamp my bag with the bullet "machine"! It was PAINFUL to watch, even though I don't care if there's a bullet mark or not on my bags. It was just painful to watch it happen right in front of me!!
  9. There are already several threads on the meanings of various creed stamps. Please do a search. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.