Whay do you think of this bag?


  2. cute, I like it!
  3. I like the color and the shape of the bag but not so much the handle part....not sure why :sad:
  4. I think the color is pretty!
  5. I don't like it
  6. I like it; is it a gold color? I'm not really into metallics but I like the gathered detail on the sides--it sets it apart.
  7. Metallics are generally not my style, so no thanks.
  8. Take a look at post #154 of of the Celebrity Section of this forum....Celebrity Boobs Oops, etc......there is a picture of Ms. Spears carrying a bag that looks very similar to this one. It's not the same, but very close.
  9. i don't like it... sorry.....
  10. I don't like it. It looks very small.
  11. I don't care for it but if you like it buy it!
  12. The color is nice but the style is too plain.