Whay Are Dior Saddle Bags Back Of Tags Marked "made In Spain"????????????????????????

  1. Hello,

    Can anyone help me, please! Why are most of the smaller Dior Saddle bags leather tags inside the bag, back of the tag marked "MADE IN SPAIN"? See examples below. I have even seen a Dior pouch/fanny pack tag marked this way as well.

    Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

    OPPS! sorry about the misspelling of "why" within the tite...it won't let me know change it ahhhhhhhhhhhh


  2. i cant see the pics hon :sad:

    i guess they are marked this way because they were actually made in Spain, i dont know exactly which models but definitely some saddles and flight bags did.
  3. Why don't you buy directly from Dior to avoid the headaches? ...speaking from having been duped by eBay purchases.:tdown::crybaby:
  4. i would say not everyone can afford all the new stuff bought directly from Dior:yes:...plus some might look for bags that are no longer available anywhere else but eBay or consignment shops:sweatdrop:...and in Europe we dont have so many fantastic outlets available as u US gals do :sad: i so far bought 5 dior and balenciaga bags on ebay and it worked out great ( including landing an authentic white off gaucho tote for 500 $:heart: )
  5. Wow, that's a great find for the gaucho tote. :yahoo::heart: I suppose you are right. It's great to find things that's not in stores anymore. I am just a bitter ebay buyer. I don't know what to do with the fakes I got. I feel bad throwing them out b/c I paid hundreds for them. But, I don't want to use them b/c they are fake. ..:push:

  6. aaaw that must have been before you joined the forum! :crybaby:even when you get burnt on ebay there are ways to get your money back, just like Babydoll Chanel did...
    im so sorry that ebay was such a disappointment to you...if i were u i would just bin the fakes...you´re not honna use them, they´re taking up the space and they remnd you about wasted money..let them go :throwup: *hug*
  7. my Trotter Romantique bag is "Made In Spain " as well..

  8. so you see:smile: ...and as far as i remember mostly canvas or fabric bags were made in Spain, not the fully leather ones...not sure though :smile:
  9. My saddle pouch was made in Spain too.
  10. Your diagnose is dead on. :yes::okay:

    thanks for the hug. :heart:
  11. I'll give you a hug as well Foxy_chao! :love:
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you so much for all of your help regarding the "Made in Spain" label. I had always heard Dior bags were only marked with "Made In Italy" ...although I started seeing these "Made In Spain" imprints on the back of the tags for smaller saddle bags and other Dior items.

    I sincerely apologize for starting a discussion about eBay...I love eBay and haven't had a bad experience yet (although I am so sorry to hear you did Foxy :flowers:)...although there are sincere sellers who only sale authentic Dior and then there are also bad sellers probably.

    Thanks for the back up on not being able to go into Dior to shop (I know they offer shopping online through eLuxury and so forth), but I pretty much live on my computer...not sure how much we are allowed to share about our personal selves, but I am terminally ill :sick: so I am online more than any one gal should be...haha! I do love eBay though, it's like 24-7 bargain shopping...in my bed, which is prefect for me...hmmm I think I am going on and on here - sorry! My meds make me such a little chatter box...opps! :roflmfao:

    Thanks for everyone's help and best wishes to you all! :heart:
  13. the whole made in spain/italy thing has been discussed before by mayday and another pf-er (my vodka-drenched brain isn't functioning too well at the moment) in the "authenticate this" thread.

    dior DOES make some of the bags in spain and there are apparently very subtle differences between the bags made in spain and in italy which might make the spain ones look like a fake (from what i recall of the discussion).

    and nat's right, most canvas/fabric bags are the ones that might have been made in spain. i guess the leather bags are made in italy because nothing beats italian leather eh?

    that's as much as i can recall off the top of my head for now, but do a search on "made in spain" in the authenticate this thread and it should show up the discussion. :yes:
  14. Hello Zero,

    Thanks so much for your help!

    p.s. vodka, yummy! I love those Schmirnoff Ice drinks...:tispy:
  15. and another bit of info

    "The Made In Spain ones (especially the mini saddles) have had Made in Spain "SERIAL NUMBER" all on the same line. The more recent ones, however, haven't"

    Also some older Dior bags will have " made in France " .