whatz inside ur gucci bag?

  1. well what is inside my bag is my Gucci Wallet,extra gum, lacoste inspiration perfume, hand cream, ipod nano and make-up bag.

    Havent got a pick to upload yet but will soon.........
    (if u have got pics plz share)

  2. [​IMG]

    in my joliceur bag i have:

    -agenda book
    -mac lipstick in high tea
    -prada wallet
    -ipod nano w/bose headphones
    -razr cell phone
    -vintage raybans
    -orbit gum in mint mojito
    -"underwear" makeup bag
  3. I have 2 of those same "underwear bags"! I keep my feminine products in there:lol:
  4. hehe fun...today in my horsebit chain i have:

    - My cellphone/pda
    - ipod nano in its cute juicy coutoure case
    - ipod tuner and usb drive in my gucci coin purse
    - matching gucci wallet
    - a million candies i stole for RA- Sushi (my little niece LOVES them every time i see her she expects these candies from my purse i just haveeee to carry them around for her hehe)
    - my black sony digital camera in a coach wristlet :smile:
    - a billion lipglosses/chapsticks (everything from a zebra ball with chapstick, mac to smashbox to my FAV- Benetint)
    - Fair and Lovely (the best face lotion in the WORLD)
    - a million reciepts
    - arrowhead bottle, it HAS to be sport top!
    - girly essentials
    - mac compact
    - earrings (one gold, one silver) just in case i decide to randomly go out
    - a rhinestone hair clip for the above reason
    - hair ties
    - meeting papers
    and more haha :smile: man thats a lot!!!
  5. luvednotspoiled~ that IS A LOT,lol

  6. I like your wallet. Great color.
  7. i love my underwear bag. i want more!
  8. thanks! :smile:

  9. hahaha i know, no wonder my shoulder always hurts! :smile: It is my mission to clean my purse tomm because of this thread!

    THANKS SO MUCH for bringing my flithy purse to my attention! :smile:
  10. hi mssmelanie and ekx012 guys can u tell me where u purchased the underwear bag and how nuch they are... they are tooo cute!!!:love:
  11. inside my positano i have my car keys, cellphone, ipod, chanel gloss and powder, checkbook and lots of receipts...
  12. i got mine at century 21 in nyc. the brand is called parcel and the style is called "briefcase". hehe so cute :graucho:

    i think i saw some listings on eBay.
  13. A Kate Spade pink leather wallet, a Kate Spade make-up bag, Chanel sunglasses, LV keychain, iPod, socks (don't ask), and finally my D&G Motorola RAZR. I am such a label whore :shame:
  14. Inside my most-used bag! Gucci. :heart:
    I love the size !!!

    *Though I am exactly sure what this bag is called... *

    I am most of the time on the move... and sometimes carry along a lot of rubbish! :p


    I have in my Gucci Bag :

    - loose change
    - camera
    - card holder (full of discount cards)
    - LV compact zipped wallet
    - Chanel Compact
    - Dior Lip gloss / Ipsa lip balm
    - Ipod Nano
    - a section of Singapore's papers
    - a box of earrings
    - Invitation to sale
    - lozenges
    - lozenges sweet wrapper (Oops!) :sweatdrop:
    - 2 mobile phones (one with Gucci Phone Strap)
    - hair accessories
    - chain necklace
    - Credit Card bills
    - Card Key to Apartment
    - Shopping Receipt
  15. Nothing yet :p
    Will be lovingly filled soon.