What's You're Favourite Hairstyle ?

  1. I Personally like hair that is long and wavy.
    Or a nice shoulder length layered cut.
    I admire Halle berry's pixe cut, I just dont think I could pull it off.

    How about you?
  2. I like long straight hair that has long layers.
  3. i am definitely missing my long layers! right now my hair has side swept bangs and is a lil past my shoulders..
  4. i like long and straight with layers, a shoulder length bob on the right person and lately have been admiring kate hudson's soft waves.. so natural looking!
  5. Long and either straight or curly/wavey.
  6. I like it long and straight. Simple but nice.
  7. Very long (a couple inches past the bra strap on your back) and curly/wavy. I'm Asian, so getting it to stay wavy is a Super Feat.
  8. I like barbie curl hair-style, the one that curls long enough reaching your waist :love:
  9. Hair a couple of inches longer than your shoulders, straigh in a low pony tail. Elegant, easy, and you gon't have to worry about a windy day.
  10. Long layers :biggrin: I had short hair for most of my life so now I HATE to cut it.
  11. As you can tell from my Halle Berry picture, I love when she has that hair cut. It's also the way I just cut it a few weeks ago. I also like long layered straight hair and curly hair, but I can only dream about it.
  12. Long and wavy. It takes me too much time to straighten it and mine is not so curly it's out of control- so I say why fight it. The only thing I refuse to have is grey hair.
  13. long,and curly for me =D.. I look wierd when I have my hair blown out