what's your workday look

  1. a large tote w a small purse or just a big handbabg?
  2. I usually carry a purse (small or large - just whatever matches). I do have a "work tote" but I alternate between that and my laptop bag. In either case, I still carry a purse that is usually large (my Ali).

    I wish I could find a workbag that could do double duty though.
  3. A medium sized handheld usually.
  4. Whatever it is thsat I need for the day....it better fit into one bag!!!!
  5. Medium handheld usually for me too. Sometimes if it's more than one purse will hold, I'll carry a separate tote.
  6. I usually carry a pretty large bag, preferrably shoulder style. I have been accused of having a "McGyver" purse because I have everything imaginable in there at any given time!! I'll take that as a compliment to my foresight and preparedness for any situation. :p
  7. I have a black nylon Tumi laptop briefcase which went with me on the commute every day. In my last position, I didn't have an office so I had to take my laptop home with me.

    I would carry that + handbag of choice!!
  8. I use my YSL tote everyday for work.
  9. Always just one purse, I use a larger one when I have to carry my laptop.
  10. I use my Balenciaga City for work - fits everything in!
  11. Always a large tote. And always just one bag.
  12. I do the same since have to carry my laptop into the office everyday. Since my laptop weighs a ton I use a rolling bag for it and just carry a handbag.

    I used to carry a smaller one to tuck into my work bag case but I got tired of switching so much stuff out - sometimes it would be twice in one day if I needed a purse for something in the evening.
  13. A medium-sized handbag that matches whatever I'm wearing, plus a good ol' grocery store bag for carrying my lunch.
  14. LV or Chloe and if you open up a JJill or Eddie Bauer catalog, you will see my super casual kindergarten teacher wardrobe to go with it!
  15. Big bags, with minimum of LV Speedy 30.