Whats your wishlist for Valentine's Day?

  1. Im curious, how many of you are already hinting to your friends, hubby's, or boyfriends you want Coach for Valentine's day, I know its about a month away, but interested to know how you guys go about it:shrugs:
  2. I want the silver heart earrings.
  3. I just want something in Bleeker Real Rose color - either the large flap or
    the Bleeker Duffle. That would make my Valentine! My husband will probably
    just give me a Coach Card as he knows how picky I am.
  4. we are keeping it small bc we need furniture for our new house! i hinted to DH a wristlet woudl b nice to match my carly though.
  5. I already told DH I want this one to complete my Heritage Stripe family
  6. [​IMG]

    I'm almost positive this is coming my way. :yahoo:
  7. i'd love a small shopping spree at my outlets...i always find great deals there!
  8. :heart::love: Ummm...I like that...I just might have to think about leaving a hink abou that one! :love::heart: VERY CUTE!!!
  9. I haven't hinted at anything yet...My birthday is the day before so usually we don't do anything big for Valentine's Day. I am definitely trying to figure out what I want for my birthday though!
  10. [​IMG]
    Seems appropriate, no?

    But what I really want is a vernis heart cles in Pomme (red) from LV: sorry Coachies!!
  11. To be debt free!!! :rolleyes: Don't I wish!!!! :roflmfao:
  12. I really want this for Valentine's Day..:heart:

  13. I have hinted to gift cards, I am so picky that I would rather pick things out myself. I know that sound really tacky, but they love me anyway and they (family/friends) are not Coach literate people. We understand this about each other.
  14. Think I'll ask the hubby for these.[​IMG]:heart::rolleyes:
  15. I love that charm.. it is soo cute!!!! :okay: