What's your wine preference?

  1. I'm a newbie wine drinker - I really love White Zin. I'm looking to "branch out" so to speak...looking for wine recs - just to drink at home in the evenings really, nothing to go with any particular meal.
  2. I love reds, not too much white.. i like merlot, chianti :smile: mmm
  3. i like white wines coss they're less strong in taste to me and i like that it's chilled. =)

    I like sweet wines.

    I generally like rieslings but not all places have them so then my other choice is usually a Chardonnay.

    Not surprisingly i like dessert wines tooo. OH YUM! and champagne and sparkling wine =)
  4. Red: cabernet sauvignon
    White: Pouilly-Fuisse
  5. I love sparkling champagne! Not too sweet or too bitter. I like Reuniti (if that's spelled correctly) and Totts.
  6. my drink of choice. Mmmmm...

    Red wines... I like a soft red, not too tannic...a pinot noir is always good. For a little more strength and fruit, I like Red Zinfandel.

    I really love whites... and drink them mostly because I live in a warm climate, so chilled is always good.

    I like unoaked sauvingon blanc, or pinot gringio.

    Sparkling wines are always wonderful... real champagne is preferred, but that can get pricey, so Spanish Cava or Italian Proseco is always a budget conscious choice!

    There... did I give you more info than you needed? I'm good at that.....!
  7. White: Riesling
    Red: I'll go with Coach4me and pinot noir
  8. Thanks so much for all the recommendations! I have a few new things to look out for this weekend. :happydance:

    coach4me: I've heard and read good things about drinking Prosecco with fresh fruit (like peach slices or berries) in it...have you ever tried that?
  9. My favorite wine is Conundrum. It is a blended white table wine that doesn't even have a cork! Don't let that fool you, it is a Caymus wine and excellent quality.

  10. Yes, you can do that... or make a bellini by running a fresh peach through the blender, then mixing it with the proseco, or make a mimosa, with orange juice and proseco (or cava, or champagne) or my personal favorites... a a grapefruit juice mimosa, or, even better, a blood orange juice mimosa.

    wow... I sound like an alcoholic, huh? :rolleyes:

    Actually, we entertain a lot... and I bartended in college, so there you go.
  11. OOOh ... Love Conundrum!
  12. My favorite type of white is riesling as well. I haven't acquired a taste of reds yet...
  13. Try a New Zealand sauvignon blanc - packed with grassy aromas, gooseberries flavours and so zingy it jumps out of the glass at you. Gorgeous on its own, with asian food, white meats, fish. So very very yummy....
  14. ^Absolutely that! And it's excellent with goat cheese!
    I like stoneleigh. Agree... it is excellent with asian food... in fact this is what my husband, who hates most white wines, drinks with asian food.

    Evolution no. 9 is a great white blend... made in Oregon, a blend of nine different grape varietals. Rich and full bodied. Delicious!

    Also, if you can find it, look for Woop Woop Verdehlo... this is an excellent Australian white... so good, so smooth, full bodied... probably the best, hands down. Loved by even white wine haters.
  15. These are my favourites too.