Whats your weekly exercise routine?

  1. I go to fitness classes at some boutiques like Exhale or Refine Method here in NYC and have my Insanity program and huge collection of fitness dvds and equipment for my home gym! :biggrin:
  2. Gym five nights a week!! I do weight training and so far this is where I have seen the best results. Three days a week, I do Body Pump but I also do the regular free weights and machines afterwards. Today was legs, triceps, abs. Tomorrow, chest, biceps and abs, Wednesday Body Flow and CXWorks, then some back, calves and lats. Thursday will be whatever I did today. Friday, off. Saturday, Body Pump, CXWorks and free weights. Sundays, off.

    The days that I don't do the class, I do 30 minutes of Stairmaster. I try to include abs everyday.

    Coronita is right! Weight training is the best for women. Toning muscles now will prevent injuries in the future! Also, I found myself a workout buddy who not only knows what he is doing, he is also pushing me to my limit and the difference is showing on my thighs and abs!! Working with partners create accountability and makes you more responsible about your role in your own well-being!!
  3. As of lately: jogging 2 miles on the treadmill about 4 x weekly. I also play basketball with SO every Sunday.
  4. I do...

    2x/week 20 min HIIT followed by 25 min moderate cardio
    2x/week 30-45 min cardio (the arc trainer is the only cardio equipment I enjoy using)
    2x/week upper body and 2x/week lower body weights/resistance (heavy-ish)
    1-2x/week 30 min Pilates floor routine
    No extra ab work at the moment

    mellecyn I definitely recommend trying out lifting! I never really enjoyed the gym before getting into weights--it makes a big difference.

    How is this, beachy?
  5. Well, I didn't mean to quote your whole reply, but I do bodyflow also. I do it every Friday at my gym. I started out very inflexible and clumsy and now I can't wait for Friday nights. It feels so good!

    Another thing about lifting is that it can get quite addcting. Once you see what your body is capable of, you'll want to keep pushing yourself!
  6. Totally addicted here!! Today, I am doing legs and I am already functioning at 200% at work because just picturing what I am going to do today and how the results are starting to show, is just the best energizer medicine that I could ask for!!
    I am pressing 300lbs on the leg press machine. Never, ever, I could have imagined doing that! ;)
  7. Hmm, well I meant to say addicting. Haha. 300 on leg press? Impressive. I haven't done that machine in ages, so I don't know how much I could do.
  8. I do power yoga DVDs two days a week, and a pilates dvd 2 days a week.
  9. Keep in mind that your legs are the larger muscle group so aim high!! ;)
  10. I just haven't tried any machines in a couple of years. I mostly do free weights. I am trying to deadlift high though, so we will see!
  11. I've been doing Chalene Extreme now for 2 years, love the weight workouts, and I'm in my mid 50's and I'm stronger than I ever was in my 20's! I do her turbo fire or turbo jam for cardio 2 to 3 days a week, her weights 3x wk and I golf at least 3x a week. I totally agree on the weights, wish I'd started years ago, it's kept my weight steady without really trying,
  12. Leg presses, hamstrings!! All those machines do wonders!!!
  13. it can vary slightly from week-to-week, but it usually looks something like this:
    Monday - 60 mins aqua resistance
    Tuesday - 90 mins yoga
    Wednesday - 1km swim, 60 mins ballet
    Thursday - nothing!
    Friday - 1km swim
    Saturday - 60 mins yoga (and sometimes a 60 min ballet or tap lesson)
    Sunday - 90 mins yoga

    I think I am going to give up my Sunday morning yoga class. I am finding it hard not having one morning when I can just sleep in and recharge.
  14. It's supposed to be weight training and cardio... but I can never get myself to do the cardio part. For weight training, my fav exercises is the dead lift, squat and for arms bicep curls and rowing :smile:
  15. I usally hit the gym 4 times a week for 45 minutes or so. Do a mix of cardio and weights.

    I also take a Zumba class every Saturday and take Sunday 'off'.

    I am looking to change my routine up a bit - either add another day of Zumba or find a yoga class. My gym offers personal training sessions, so I might add one or two of those soon just to get some pointers on how to change it up.