What's your wallet to purse ratio?

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  1. So do you have a wallet to go with every bag or do you have one wallet and use it in everything?

    Myself, I have to either match brand or color. I have (or will have once I get my latest bag I ordered today) have 10 bags and I'm buying a wallet to go with it, I'll have 6 wallets. I think that this will really slow down though once I have a wallet in each basic color or deisgner.

    Just wanted to see if this was normal?
  2. i just have 2 wallets. a gucci continental wallet i use every day and a tiny furla wallet i use if i wear my tiny bags. i don't change wallets, it's so unnerving to switch all the credit cards, pictures and stuff.
  3. I have one wallet, an LV monogram canvas ludlow. But I just ordered the LV Vernis agenda in framboise, and it has 3 CC slots, so I'm thinking of it as a wallet, kind of. I'd hate to switch wallets every time I switch bags.
  4. Wow...I never had to count them. I have 7 wallets and 12 bags.
    I guess I have a wallet fettish too.
  5. I have only one wallet because it's a pain to swap out all of the cards and whatnot. It's easier to swap out purses.
  6. one wallet and more than 50 bags.
  7. I only have one wallet: LV mono canvas Pochette Wallet and one LV mono canvas Business Card Holder. It would drive me crazy:nuts: if I had to transfer all my IDs and CCs from one wallet to the other! It takes me forever to change purses for the exact same reason!!!
  8. I have over a dozen purses and two wallets... one big Coach checkbook wallet and one men's wallet.
  9. I don't have any wallets. They just take up too much space. I have 2 change purses. One for cash and the other for cards. Most of the purses are Sanrio :smile:
  10. 2 to 30. I'm not much into wallets although I've been looking because I've been using the same one for 3yrs.
  11. 2 wallets, 10 bags. too much of a hassle for me to switch everything too.
  12. yay! we're agenda twins! you'll love it, it's beyond wonderful :biggrin:

    i have only one wallet, a fendi zucca bifold checkbook-sized wallet. i adore it, i could not care less if it matches the bag i'm wearing, who's going to see it? it's got so much crap in it and i know exactly where everything is, it would be beyond impractical to switch every time i switch bags (which is usually several times a day). i'm starting to think i would like to get an LV ludlow or something similar to put in smaller bags, though. i haven't really been into any smaller bags until recently w/ the balenciaga classique, so it'd be nice to have maybe one to switch between based on size.
  13. One wallet for me.
  14. four wallets to change with the seasons.
  15. I only have 1 Coach wallet, however I have tons of wristlets and coin pouches. I guess I have a coin pouch fetish.