What's your wallet brand for Bbag?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a wallet for my BBag.. and I'm really curious of what type of wallet (brand & type) did you guys have for your BBag..
  2. i have an LV monogram wallet...it's classic and doesn't clash with my bag
  3. I have a LeSportsac wallet, actually. I had it from a long time ago and all of my other wallets fell apart. Then I realized that I'm much better off with a fabric wallet. I had been ruining the insides of my wallets because I cram so much stuff in there (George Costanza-style) so I went back to the LeSportsac one. It's not the prettiest thing, but it's indestructible so far...
  4. LV damier koala
  5. I'm currently have epi wallet, but I;m thinking of getting different one. I love to have BBag wallet or Hermes wallet ....but it's sooo expensive :sad:
  6. my LV cerise (Cherry) collection wallet!!
  7. I switch between my Kate Spade and Gucci wallets.
  8. LV white MC Porte Tresor. All of the colors in my wallet match every bbag I own.
  9. I have a Hermes Mysore bearn wallet in turquoise! Love it.
  10. I use the LV zippy organizer wallet and a round LV coin purse. Love it, love it, love it!!!
  11. I have a suede dark brown Loewe wallet.
  12. I have a multicolor LV wallet and a abas credit card holder. The abas is great because they come in lots of funs colors just the b bags.
  13. I mean just like the b bags.
  14. Wow... that's my dream wallet... may I ask how much & which store carry it?
  15. It's $1475 and you can get it at Hermes boutiques. Alot of the bright fun colors are sold out but they always order it them. NYC Hermes currently has red, orange, blue jeans, and black.