whats your typical summer outfit?

  1. what dominates in your wardrobe these months?
  2. for me it seems just your atypical soffees and gym/school shirts. I have been dabbling in juicy terry cloth though. and random fitted shirts from bloomies.
  3. For me, as a guy, I tend to stick to my beloved Diesel jeans, polo shirts and a lot (I mean a lot) of t-shirts... and regarding footwear... sneakers 99% of the time and my Dsquared or Energie flip-flops the remaining 1%.
  4. tank tops and shorts
  5. ^ Same here, tank tops and shorts, along with flip flops, Michael Stars fitted tops and tanks, cute sundresses and a margarita in my hand :p
  6. dresses! i'm in love with mini t-shirt dresses and shifts. my boyfriend laughs b/c he thinks i'm obsessed with what he called a mini muumuu :p

  7. I don't like how shorts look on me so skirts and dresses and cute tops with the skirts..
  8. I wear a lot of "city" shorts (tailored, to the knee), a cute shirt and sandals(sometimes flats, sometimes heels...depending on the activities). If we're going out and I think I'll be chilly (movie theatre or restaurant), I'll wear capris.
  9. My fashion doesn't change for the summer :amuse:, it's still tanks (C&C, AE, Vince) and jeans (SFAM, COH, TR).
  10. I like cool mini skirts and minidresses (nothing TOO short) with simple tanks and wedges (and a great bag, of course)!
  11. Normally I'd wear a dress, or tee and skirt. With ballet flats or wedges.

    But our summer weather is so unpredictable that I'm now back to tights and boots and scarves!
  12. linen pants and vest tops :smile:
  13. DAY: Jeans, Micheal stars or Spendid Tank, and a bad ass handbag!

    NIGHT: Long Flowy dress, or Jeans and cute sexy top, and a bad ass handbag!
  14. -vintage print dresses/blouson tops
    -grey track v-necks from am ap
    -black skinny levi's i had altered to hit just at my ankle
  15. Also as a guy, like Spo0oky, I stick to lots of T-shirts..but I pair them with nice city shorts or bermudas and leather sandals or boat shoes (I'm lusting over a pair of Balenciaga gladiator-like sandals that would look so good with shorts!!)

    Also, I wear flip flops with straight cut jeans, birkenstocks, and leather sneakers the rest of the time (I recently got a pair of Dior Homme sneakers!!)